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5 Cheapest Countries For Internet Services

Today we are going to tell you 5 cheapest countries for internet services. Unlike in the last few years, the demand for internet is increasing day by day in this modern age.

New initiatives and technologies are being used around the world to meet the growing demand, and with their help, efforts are being made to make the Internet faster.

The need for internet has increased to such an extent that no one in today’s history can live without the internet.

A recent survey found that there are five cheapest countries that ensure the cheapest internet in the world.

According to the survey, Israel is the country in the world where citizens are using the fastest and cheapest internet by paying Rs 8-40 per month, its speed is 35.98 MB.

Kyrgyzstan was second, Fiji third, Italy fourth and Russia fifth.

The list also includes the names of China and India where 150 MB internet service is being provided at Rs 87.35 per month respectively.

According to the report, in the survey conducted in the year 2019, the average amount of one GB of internet was around 43 rupees 68 paise which has reached 114 rupees 23 paise in 2021.

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