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5G Signals Could Affect Commercial Flights

5G technology is already a reality in several countries of the world and like some inventions of man, it has its pluses and minuses. On this occasion, the airlines are the ones that may present complications due to the new 5G signals in the United States.

Airlines are warning pilots about potential glitches they can present when close to a 5G signal during flights. The complications would be presented by the interference of the 5G transmitters, generating an erroneous operation in some of the plane’s security equipment.

“Operators must be prepared for the possibility that interference from 5G transmitters and other technologies may cause a malfunction of certain security equipment, requiring that they take mitigation measures that could affect flight operations,” the Administration warned. Federal Aviation (FAA), according to Travel Weekly.  

Interference can be produced by altimeters. These are instruments that work to measure the altitude of the aircraft with respect to a certain pressure level. They are very useful for directing the aircraft from land bases, in places where visibility is poor.

Now, the FAA has suggested that commercial aircraft not use radio frequency-based altimeters when in close proximity to 5G signals. In addition to this, in early December, it prohibited airlines from landing at airports where interference from 5G signals hinders the performance of altimeters.

For their part, AT&T and Verizon, the companies in charge of 5G connections, addressed the concerns of the FAA and decided to delay the launch of the signals. Mainly, the deployment was scheduled for December 5 of this year, but the opening was postponed for another month (January 5), in order to find alternatives to the possible problem.

According to experts, such interference could have catastrophic consequences during the flight, so many airlines would prefer to delay trips avoiding major problems.


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