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6 Easy Brain Tips from Neuroscientists

Wendy Suzuki, an American neuroscientist and doctoral specialist in the field, has come up with invaluable advice based on her experience that can help you gain strength of mind, peace of mind and energy. Here are 6 easy brain tips:

1: Imagine positive results

From the beginning of the day to the end, whenever you remember all the small and big issues of yourself, your home and children, think positively about the end of each of them and keep a map or imaginary scene in mind. It’s not just about the outcome, it’s about the best situation.

This will not only make the mind think positively, it will have a positive effect on the body, but it will also open up new ways to solve problems.

2: Turn anxiety and anxiety into progress

Difficulties and challenges increase our mental flexibility and can be taken advantage of if tried. At this point, we need to review how calm we are, re-evaluate the situation, gather ideas in a positive way and make the right decisions.

That is to say, it can be used in other positive activities by twisting anxiety and negative emotions, of which there are innumerable examples. Here are some of them:

Anger consumes your attention and stops the process, but it can also increase your focus on passion.

Fear is an emotion that also reminds you of past failures, it destroys focus and concentration and disfigures your abilities, or it can help you make the right and clear decision and help you in the changing atmosphere. It also increases opportunities.

Depression can be debilitating and can be debilitating, or it can help you rearrange your priorities and make the environment and the situation work for you.

There is no point in worrying and the person gets distracted from their goal or you can focus on solving your problems, categorize your expectations and make realistic plans.

Frustration makes you feel better or you can use it to do better.

3: Try new things

There are a lot of opportunities to learn online these days and pay attention to them, take a new and completely different course, take part in sports competitions or participate in a virtual event. In short, get out of your comfort zone again and again and do something new.

4: Contact people

Connect with friends, family and family in frustration, anxiety and sadness. Benefit from their satisfying words. It not only gives you a new impetus but also reduces anxiety and nervousness because as you realize that you are not alone, your confidence increases.

If people are listening to you, the heart is encouraged to speak. So be sure to seek help from your loved ones during times of severe stress.

5: Tweet yourself positively

Lynn Manuel Miranda tweets positively to herself every day. He has been making this morning and evening routine for a long time and has now written a little book on it. She sends funny, funny and positive sentences to herself.

That is why they are mentally strong and optimistic. Since then, their performance and ability to deal with problems has also increased. Tweets do not have to be sent to people, but to oneself, which is a source of positive reminders.

If you can’t do it yourself or are confused, ask a close friend or spouse to help you and send tweets.

6: Stay close to nature

Many studies have shown that going to greenery, trees and quiet natural places gives peace of mind and its effects last for several weeks. For emotional health go to the dense trees, sit in the park, feel the silence there and take it to the soul.

Take long, deep breaths in these places. This will increase the energy throughout the body which will help you to fight against adversity.


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