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6 Smartphones with Best Battery Life in 2022

The autonomy of a smartphone is one of the criteria to take into account before going through the purchase box but do not rely only on the capacity of its battery. Apple, Asus, Xiaomi, find in this selection the 6 best phones that stand out in this area.

At the start of the year, we replaced the iPhone 12 Pro Max with its successor, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Likewise, the iPhone XR bowed out and made way for the iPhone 11. We also changed the  Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 to  the realme 8i. Finally, the OnePlus Nord 2 entered 5th place in our ranking.

Autonomy is one of the most important features on a smartphone. Usually this is around a working day with moderate use. It is therefore necessary to recharge the battery for the next day or even before going out in the evening. But some models perform better than others. Apple, Asus, Xiaomi, we take stock of the good students.

Our test protocol

The autonomy of each phone is tested under specific conditions: mixed use (social networks, audio and video streaming, video games, taking photos and videos) and automatic brightness. Some smartphones have features such as 5G support, a higher screen definition and a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz. In these specific cases, we are enriching our test with measurements taken according to these parameters. 

1. Asus ROG Phone 5: the best autonomy, under Android

The Asus gaming smartphone has two 3000 mAh batteries for a total capacity of 6000 mAh. Battery tests of the ROG Phone 5 in looping video playback with airplane mode averaged 20 hours and 15 minutes, with the screen set to 120Hz. With the refresh rate set to automatic, the average duration was 28 hours and 4 minutes. The refresh rate can climb to 144 Hz and when we alternate the tasks in this context, the autonomy is rated at 18 hours and 30 minutes. In automatic mode and in the context of versatile use, we save 2 hours. Note that it supports 65W wired charging power.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technical configuration and its exceptional autonomy, the Asus ROG Phone 5 is a very good smartphone for gaming but also a very good phone for watching videos, listening to music or even scrolling on social networks. Too bad Asus hasn’t harnessed the power of CPU, RAM, and GPU for image quality. Impossible for the ROG Phone 5 to compete with cameras sold at the same price as the Xiaomi Mi 11 or the Samsung Galaxy S21. We also regret that the phone is not certified IP67 / IP68 in view of its price.

2.iPhone 13 Pro Max: the best battery life, under iOS

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a continuation of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Surprising year after year, the most premium smartphone from Apple returns with an autonomy that is still colossal. The device can almost reach 27 hours with its 4373 mAh battery against 3687 mAh for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apart from that, it embeds the most sophisticated equipment of the Apple with a 6.7-inch OLED screen with a definition of 1284 x 2778 pixels, an A15 Bionic chip and a wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle combo. and very attractive telephoto lens.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the fastest and largest version of this generation of iPhone. Great novelty, its 6.7-inch screen, like the iPhone 13 Pro, benefits from a 120 Hz refresh rate. The latter is also protected by Apple’s Ceramic Shield and the device is IP68 certified for resistance to dust and water. The photo part has also been improved and the A15 Bionic chip brings more power.

3. Asus ZenFone 8: the compact smartphone with the strongest battery life

Battery life is clearly not the strong point of small smartphones, but the ZenFone 8 is a nice exception. By leaving the 120Hz display on, we were able to use it for almost a day and a half. In addition, the device supports a wired charging power of 30W which allows it to refuel in 1h20.

The Asus ZenFone 8 is a nice Android answer to Apple’s iPhone 12 mini. We appreciate its very good performance, its fairly comfortable autonomy at 120 Hz and its beautiful screen.

4. Apple iPhone 11: the most enduring “accessible” iOS smartphone

The iPhone 11 gains an hour of use compared to the iPhone XR and a lot of power. It also offers plenty of features, including an excellent large screen in a reasonably sized chassis, the U1 chip, and wireless charging.

While our preference is for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for most “old machine” users who want to renew iPhone, we recommend the iPhone 11. Apple’s 2019 “entry-level” builds on a processor (the same as its big Pro brothers) faster in monotask and significantly more efficient in multitasking and autonomy is satisfactory. The iPhone 11 also benefits from an improved ultra-wide-angle portrait mode, excellent photo / video capture and a devilishly efficient night mode. A worthy successor to the iPhone XR, this iPhone 11 is a very balanced machine and has a good performance / price ratio.

5. OnePlus Nord 2: the most enduring “mid-range” Android smartphone

For the second time, OnePlus manages to make an impression with its North model. A mid-range smartphone with a solid technical sheet and excellent autonomy provided by its 4500 mAh battery. Count on nearly 20 hours of use before having to recharge your batteries with 65W fast charging.

OnePlus made an impression with its first North. A solid return of the brand to the mid-range market and a test transformed by this second generation. The OnePlus Nord 2 indeed displays a very attractive technical sheet with acceptable concessions. The series 9 of OnePlus is in our opinion the most threatened by this smartphone which shares many of its characteristics but whose starting price is much lower: from 719 € and 919 €

6.realme 8i: the “cheap” smartphone with the best battery life and a 120 Hz screen

If you are looking for a smartphone that is both affordable and durable, the realme i8 is the place to be. The device also benefits from a 120 Hz screen, which is rather rare for its category, and is sufficient for everyday tasks (SMS, social networks, streaming).

Like others before it, Realme has chosen a significant segmentation of its range of devices. But the Realme 8i defends itself by offering the most accessible 120 Hz screen on the market and very good battery life.

The key points for buying well and improving the autonomy of your smartphone

Watching series on Netflix, playing Call of Duty Mobile games, taking photos and videos or multiplying Stories on Instagram, all of this is great fun, but these resource-intensive activities can quickly reduce the autonomy of your smartphone. If you are far from an outlet, the only solution is the external battery, but to overcome these constraints, it is better to move towards a phone with good battery life. We have answered all the questions you can ask yourself about one of the main criteria to take into account before buying a new smartphone .

What capacity for the battery of his smartphone?

The battery capacity of a smartphone is expressed in mAh (milliampere-hours). To put it simply, the higher the number the better. Of course, the autonomy of a telephone also depends on its equipment and the optimization of its software. A mobile with a small screen will be able to last the day very well with a low capacity battery, but this will not be the case at all with a 6-inch phablet. We advise you to buy a smartphone with a battery with a capacity greater than or equal to 4000 mAh to ensure more than a day of use.

What impacts the autonomy of a smartphone the most?

A large screen will logically consume more than a small screen and the processor will require more power if you use it regularly. Note that the autonomy of your phone will change depending on your type of activity. Thus, a 30-minute game on a 3D game will consume more energy than a social media session of the same duration.

How to improve the autonomy of your smartphone?

Rather simple gestures allow you to gain a few hours of autonomy. For example, you can switch to the dark mode available on all smartphones running Android 10, Android 11 and Android 12 , limit the operation in the background of applications that you are not using, lower the screen definition and disable certain features. Another simple and effective tip: activate energy saving mode when possible. If you opt for an Android smartphone, we recommend 4 apps to monitor and optimize your battery .

What to do when your smartphone’s battery is dead?

To date, no smartphone has been marketed with unlimited autonomy. The most enduring of them can exceed two days of use, but at the end, they will have to be recharged. If you are used to traveling, you can get an external battery to avoid dry breakdowns at the end of a night.


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