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7 Common Mistakes Students Must Avoid In Exams

These 7 common mistakes that seem trivial, but they can be very damaging to students. We have collected these errors from personal experience and are passing them on to you so that these errors do not cause harm during your exams.

Which class of students should be aware of these mistakes?

Especially Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor and Master students but if needed, fifth and eighth grade students can also benefit from them.

Avoid making the following mistakes during the exam

The first mistake is that most of the students have been reading continuously before entering the examination center, even though they do not know that doing so increases the stress, the questions that are fully prepared are also sometimes due to the stress. Forget it, so rest for about ten minutes before entering the exam center so as not to increase stress.

The second important thing is that as soon as you get the paper, read it carefully, when writing the answer to any question, read this question in full and write the answer with satisfaction, haste can sometimes lead to wrong answers to the questions. Is.

The third important point is that if the question does not come to you and you want to write the answer at the end, then put a mark on it to remind you of the question so that the question does not remain, most of the time students make this mistake.

The fourth point is that you should not give up while solving the paper, if you do not have a question, it does not matter, but try to write one or the other answer to this question, sometimes a number of such question is given during checking and remember that every single number of the exam is important for your result. Sometimes it has happened that students are left out of the position due to lack of only one number.

The fifth important point is that when writing any question, do not spend too much time on it, try to write it carefully and in a short time.

The sixth mistake is that sometimes the attitude of the supervisor in the examination room is strict, so you should tolerate the attitude of the supervisor and ignore it so that you do not have any questions or forget any question due to the strictness. If you are abused during the exam, you can resolve the issue after completing your paper. Try to focus on the paper while solving the paper.

The seventh and final mistake is not to discuss the paper questions with your friends after the paper is over, the more discussion there is, the more trouble there will be.

Hopefully these important points will be very helpful to you.

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