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7 New Xbox Games Will Be Intoduced This Month

Xbox has announced the addition of 7 new Xbox games to its platform this month for those interested in playing video games on computer and gaming consoles.

According to a statement issued by Microsoft, a big increase is being made in the list of Xbox game passes this month. Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy and Far: Changing Tides and Young’s Civil will also be available.

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The 7 new titles added by Microsoft will be released on personal computers, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Series S / X platforms.

Games released for the Xbox subscription service include the most popular RPG Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Kentuckle Route Zero and Lawn Moving Simulator.

Remember that every month Microsoft removes some games from the Xbox game pass and adds new games to the roster.

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And in keeping with that tradition, four games will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass roster from March 15.

Games that will be removed from the Xbox this month include Near: Auto Meta, Fogs !, The Surge 2 and Torchlight 3.


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