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Air Taxi Volvo City Conducts Successful Test Flight

Volocopter successfully completes test run of its full-size full electric Volvosti air taxi. The company claims that this will change the way people travel.

The vertical takeoff and landing vehicle took off from Pontois Airfield near Paris on a December morning.

In a flight video released this week, it was seen as stable as a normal helicopter while flying in the air for a minute.

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The German company says it wants to become a Boeing, Lufthansa and Uber company.

The company is preparing its Volvo City Air Taxi to serve passengers at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

VolvoCopter first came up with the idea for its Volvo City in 2015. Since then many samples have been made and 1500 test flights have been flown.

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However, the company has now decided what the final configuration of the aircraft will be.

The company said that Volvo helicopter taxis will be air travel for people within a few smartphone clicks.

These taxis have a top speed of 68 miles per hour and can travel up to 22 miles, which would be suitable for small city flights.


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