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AJK Student Develops A Most Powerful Battery Ever

Kamran Amin, a young man from Bagh-e-Azad Kashmir, invented the charger in just two minutes. The term of battery will last for eight years.

Kamran Amin, a young scholar from Rehra area of Bagh district, He is currently pursuing a PhD at the National Center for Nanosciences and Technology in Beijing, an agency of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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According to the details, Kamran Amin revolutionized the mobile and laptop technology of the doctor. Kamran’s research center is Energy Storage Materials and Devices in which he is working on innovation to store electricity. ۔ His research has raised hopes for the performance of mobile electronics and electric vehicles.

Kamran Amin By completing this easy Center for Nanosciences in Beijing China …. Dr. Kamran Amin is considered to be the youngest person in Pakistan It happens in societies. Dr. Kamran is working on lithium-ion powers.

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Remember Kamran Amin should not get his entire academic qualification based on a scholarship. He is currently pursuing a PhD from the Beijing Academy of Sciences on the prestigious Case Twice Fellowship Worldwide 200 selected students each year Kamran Amin, a young man, is also the chairman of the Kashmir Association of Hang Scholars, working on education in both fields in Kashmir.

Dr. Amin is also publishing articles and videos to guide students in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. And often the college also gives lectures on schools and places of different classes of Kashmir. Kamran Amin Bagh is not only proud of Pakistan.


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