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US Company Signs Contract With NASA To Build Houses On Moon

An American armaments company has won a contract to build human settlements on the moon.

According to international media, Northrop Grumman Crop has signed a contract with NASA worth $935 million to develop living quarters for the U.S. space agency’s planned outpost in lunar orbit

According to sources, under the agreement, the company will build houses in lunar orbit, while astronauts will conduct research for houses built for the Lunar Gateway.

According to media reports, under the agreement, astronauts will be housed in specially designed mobile homes on the moon during the first few years of the mission.

Astronauts will live and conduct research in the Habitation And Logistics Outpost (HALO) made by Northrop for the lunar Gateway – a vital component of NASA’s Artemis moon program.

According to the report, Northrop Grumman Crop will be responsible for the manufacture and testing of solar-powered modular lunar lunar.


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