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These Android Apps Hijacking Facebook Account

Your Facebook account is under threat once again. Now an Android malware named FlyTrap has been detected that is hijacking thousands of Facebook accounts in 140 countries around the world. Researchers at Zimperium’s zLabs recently discovered this new Android Trojan.

According to him, this Android malware can spread through malicious apps on Google Play Store, third-party app stores and sideloaded apps. According to research, this malware has been active since March 2021.

According to reports, new Android malware is hijacking Facebook accounts and logging into malicious apps using their Facebook user ID password. After logging in, this app collects all the existing data on the user’s Facebook account.

Flytrap Android malware is using different things like Netflix coupon code and Google AdWords coupon code. This traps users in such a way that they rely on coupon code apps and download them.

Once installed, these apps ask users a variety of questions and then gain access to their Facebook account. After login, these apps ask you to vote to collect coupon code or credit.

According to the report, Flytrap Android malware uses JavaScript to access the user’s Facebook ID, location, email ID and IP address. It then sends the stolen information to the malware’s control server and commands. By hijacking the Facebook account through the Trojan, it also infects the user’s Android device.

Keep in mind that this malware can use the hijacked session to spoil your social credibility. It can use the link with the Trojan for personal messaging.

Flytrap Facebook Malware Android Apps

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