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Android Automotive 12: Future of Android Auto

In recent months we’ve learned about Android Automotive 12, a new version of the car operating system developed by Google in collaboration with specific car manufacturers, such as Volvo’s Polestar. Now we have a chance to see what it will offer after the big new update.

The Android Automotive 12 was originally released in October in the Android Open Source Project Code, but has not yet been distributed among the car models on the market that support it. However, that doesn’t stop us from looking at the innovations that are being introduced:

The launcher was completely refurbished from a graphical point of view.
New default SMS app.
Improved navigation support.
Preference for head-up notifications.
The settings were redesigned in two columns.
Microphone usage indicators.
What’s new in privacy and security with Android 12?

Android Automotive is an evolution of Android Auto in that it will be an operating system installed directly in the car, and will no longer rely on smartphones as it did for its ancestors. Therefore, the latest news for Android Automotive 12 will not come as an update to Android Auto but only on cars that are officially manufactured with Automotive.

Android Automotive
Android Automotive


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