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Android: Google Messages Bug Could Drain Your Smartphone’s Battery

Many Android smartphone users have noticed that the battery of their smartphone melts like ice in the sun. A dirty bug attributed to Google’s messaging software will drain the battery.

Have you recently noticed that your smartphone’s battery is depleting faster than usual, even though you haven’t changed the way you use your device? This problem may be caused by Google Messages, the Mountain View company’s SMS application, which is installed locally on millions of mobiles.

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Many Android users have actually reported on Reddit that they have discovered that Google’s SMS application was subject to a bug that will drain their device’s battery. In any case, this is revealed by the information provided by the integrated battery management module in Android settings.

9to5Google Journalists have had a similar experience. And they managed to find the root cause of the problem using the privacy function of Android 12. He later discovered that his smartphone’s camera and microphone were being used via Google Messages even though the application was closed.

Google’s messaging application, like all similar applications, includes the option to share images in the message. But it does have the feature of integrating an option that activates the smartphone camera so that it can be photographed on the flight and shared in the message.

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And this very activity will be responsible for all these evils. After use, the smartphone camera rotates in Google Messages, even when the function does not appear on the screen. Worse still, the camera is still being used in the background of Google messages even when the app is closed.

To regain the so-called sovereignty, victims of this bizarre bug have to lock the application in a multitasking view or disable the permissions granted to Google Messages by accessing the smartphone camera. There will be no other solution.


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