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Android Phones Will Now Turn Off With Your Voice

Google Assistant will soon be offering an option for Android phones in which you can turn off your phone via voice.

For example, if you say, “Hey Google, turn off,” your phone will turn off immediately. Or maybe Google Assistant will double check to see if you really want to turn off your phone or if it has made a mistake. If you use the button to call an assistant, it can only allow the “power off” command to avoid interrupting people’s phone conversations.

This is interesting because you can’t ask Google Assistant to turn off the phone right now. If you do, you have to manually turn off your phone instead. This warning is likely because Google does not want people to accidentally turn off their phone by misunderstanding command.

We’ve seen a hint of this in Google Android 12. Google, like the iPhone and Samsung, has decided to use the power button on Android phones for another purpose. It will be paired with Google Assistant and used to turn off the smartphone.

Although Android 12 beta has many important and fundamental changes. But now Nine to Five Google has taken a closer look at some aspects of the new OS. The new version of Google Assistant will have the option to turn off the phone with the help of voice assistant.

This option is not currently available in the Android 12B-One version and is expected to appear in the next version.

A potential new “power off” command appeared in a recent update, buried away in Android’s code. Whether or not it’ll see the light of day, we’re not sure; however, if it does, it’ll allow users even more control over their device with their voice.

If your Google Assistant has issues saying your name, you’ll be interested to know that you can now train it to say it correctly. You can choose to either spell it out phonetically or speak it to Google Assistant so it knows what to call you.


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