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Android Security Issue Discovered By Cybersecurity Experts

Cybersecurity experts have discovered an Android Security issue which is harmless-looking feature on Android devices that is spying on another user’s whereabouts without installing additional stalker software apps.

Malwarebytes researcher Peter Arntz discovered the problem after signing in to his Google account on his wife’s smartphone. Surprisingly, however, it enabled him to track his spouse’s movements using the Google Maps timeline feature.

“Logging out of Google Play on my wife’s phone didn’t solve the problem. After some searching, I found that my Google Account was included in my wife’s phone accounts when I logged into the Play Store. , But was not removed when logged out due to a tracking issue.

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Arntz later reported the issue to Google, but was told that the behavior was actually a feature, not a bug.

Malware feature

Although Google may consider it a valid feature, not a bug, malware bytes, one of the founding members of the Coalition Against Stalker Software (CAS), is taking it as a potential issue. Because of its misuse, it means “technical abuse.”

“This is a flaw in the more appropriate design and user experience. However, it is still a bug that can and should be fixed, as the end result still provides location tracking of another person’s device. can do.

Here are some suggestions on how Google can improve this feature by Cybersecurity researchers.

To get started, Google needs to stop overuse of features. Because the timeline feature in Ernst’s device was active, not his wife’s, he felt he shouldn’t be able to find the places he went to with his phone.

Secondly, even though he was warned to sign in to his account on his phone, Google should make sure that “someone else on your phone is logged in to Google Play” and also sent his wife’s phone.

Ultimately, Ernstz believes that Google should do better for existing login users than a Google Account user’s first letter.

As part of this, Malwarebytes advises all Android users to check if any additional Google Accounts have been added to their phones, and to remove them manually to reduce the risk of flawed features. ۔ It is possible


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