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Apple Admits Data Breach in iOS 15

With iOS 15 , the declined recording of Siri voice input has been re-enabled for many users. Apple then disabled the feature.

Apple has admitted there was a privacy glitch in iOS 15. According to sources, users who refused to record the voice commands for the Siri assistant apparently still saved the audio commands . Anyone who agrees to the function should be able to improve voice input.

It is not exactly known why the refusal of such an evaluation was not saved correctly for some users; Apple only speaks of a bug. With the release of iOS 15.2, the problem was solved by fixing the bug with the update and, according to Apple, saving the recordings was switched off.

In addition, the evaluation of the recordings was stopped and the data was deleted. This means that Apple not only saved voice inputs without the knowledge of some users, but actually evaluated them to improve Siri.

Installation of the new beta version asks for renewed consent

Since Apple has reset the setting for some users, when installing iOS 15.4, which is currently being distributed as a beta version, they are sometimes asked again whether they want to share the voice input – even if they have already rejected an evaluation in the past.

The current beta version of iOS 15.4 is already the second. In this, Apple introduces, among other things, an interface with which an iPhone can be used as a payment terminal. In the first beta, Apple introduced, among other things, the function that iPhones from the iPhone 12 can use Face ID facial recognition even if users are wearing a face mask . In addition, face recognition should work better when iPhone owners wear glasses.


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