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Apple Faces Staff Resistance Over Office Recall

Apple faces staff resistance over office recall. Since the onset of the global coronavirus, most companies have allowed work from home to protect employees.

According to the French news agency ‘AFP’, like many other companies, the technology company Apple had also adopted the work from home policy.

However, now that Apple has tried to recall employees from September this year, they are facing resistance.

IPhone maker Apple has asked employees to come to the office three days a week since September.

The report quoted tech news site The Verge as saying that at least 80 people had submitted a letter asking for more leniency for employees who have been working from home for more than a year.

“We would like to address the concerns of our colleagues,” the letter said.

“Apple’s Remote / Location-Flexible Work policy and related discussions have already forced many of our colleagues to resign.”

“Many of us feel we have to either choose to work for our family, our well-being and the best way we can, or to be part of Apple,” the letter said.

Due to last year’s lockdowns, Apple, like many other tech firms, allowed its employees to work from home or from remote locations.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft have also made their staff work from home, while some firms, such as Twitter, have asked their staff to work from home indefinitely.

The letter to Apple said the homes worked well and gave staff a better balance between work and life, while also reducing the risk of the epidemic spreading.

“We feel better than ever with our partners around the world and we are better connected than ever,” the letter said.

“Instead of coming to the office every day, we want to continue the way we are working now,” the staff letter added.

The letter states that the executive’s thinking about working from home is different from the experience of Apple employees.

Apple faces staff resistance over office recall:


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