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Apple Forced to Stop iPhone Production for First Time

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, with millions of models sold each year.

But people may soon face difficulties in getting the various models of the American company’s iPhone.

This is due to the lack of chips which can affect the production of iPhones.

In fact, the chips crisis has forced Apple to suspend production of iPhones (older models, not the iPhone 13) after more than a decade.

According to a report, Apple had to suspend production for several days due to supply chain problems and the energy crisis in China.

The report did not say when Apple would stop production, but did say that Apple would be giving extra time this week to meet global demand for iPhones during the holiday season.

A supply chain manager said that due to shortage of spare parts and chips, there was no one to work long hours and pay extra during the holiday season.

Apple announced a cut in production of the iPhone 13 in October 2021 due to a shortage of chips, while production of the iPad for the iPhone 13 was halted in November 2021, but production was halted due to the crisis. ۔

Apple initially set a sales target of 90 million units for the iPhone 13 Series in 2021, but that number was limited to 85 million in early December.

According to the report, the production of iPhone 13 models in September and October was 20% less than the initial target, while the production of older iPhones decreased by 25%.

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