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Apple Introduces Feature to Protect Children From Online Harassment

Technology giant Apple has introduced a feature to protect children from online Harassment. Cupertino tech giant has released a feature for scanning pornographic images on its devices in other countries.

This important feature of providing online protection to children was released by Apple last year.

Apple has enabled this feature in all messaging applications for iPhone, iPad, and Mac for all US users under the age of 18.

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This feature identifies nude and obscene images in messages and immediately notifies the user’s guardian and parents.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, after the success of this feature introduced in the United States under the name of ‘Communication Safety‘, it has been decided to release it to other countries.

It will be released soon for all iOS users in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but Canadian users can take advantage of this feature with the iOS 15.5 beta update.

This feature displays a warning pop-up notification by automatically blurring nude and pornographic images received and sent in children’s Apple device messages once activated.

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The notification also provides guidance to the child on who and how to seek help in this situation.

This feature, which protects children from sexual harassment and abuse, has been widely praised by organizations working for children’s rights.

Critics of the feature, which was introduced in August last year, also pointed out some flaws in its privacy.


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