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Apple Launches iOS 15 For iPhones

Apple has introduced a new operating system for Apple iOS 15 iPhones.

During Apple’s annual conference, the company announced the introduction of Apple iOS iOS 15, which will be available to consumers in the last quarter of 2021.

Due to the Corona epidemic, the conference was held online again this year, and Greg Friedrich, Apple’s vice president of software engineering, shared details of iOS 15.

He said that special audio is being made a part of face time in the new operating system.

When you are talking on the screen, the sounds around it seem to be coming from the person you are talking to, so you have to pay more attention during the conversation for which this feature is being given.

Similarly, voice isolation and grid view facetime calls are also being added.

Apple is also offering the option to share links to add people to FaceTime calls, which has been in Zoom and Google Mate for a long time, but is being offered for the first time in Apple FaceTime.

In fact, iPhone users will now be able to become part of face-time calls for first-time users of Android and Windows devices by sharing links.

Similarly, Apple has introduced a Shared With You section for iPhone users where they will have all the articles that will be stored in the Messages app.

Shared with you sections will also be added for music, photos, apps.

Notifications are also being redesigned and a new look is being added that will have larger icons.

Similarly, a new notification summary feature is also being given where all the notifications will be visible after the last check of the phone.

Focus is a new feature that will allow users to create work, home, weekend and other separate modes and choose which apps notifications you want to see.

The iPhone S15 will also have a feature called Live Text, which will enable the camera to recognize text that can also be selected, copied and pasted. Ga and will currently support 7 languages.

A memory mix is ​​also being offered for the photos, while the feature called UW Keys will be part of the digital ID, the new design of the Weather app and the design of Maps will also be changed.

Note that iOS 15 will be available in the last quarter of this year, the beta version has just been released.


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