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Apple iPhone 14 Series May Come With Satellite Connectivity

The American technology giant Apple launched the iPhone 13 series last year, which was much more than expected. This model set new sales records.

According to the reportsd, Apple may equip the new series the Apple iPhone 14 series with satellite connectivity. Thanks to this unique feature, users will be able to send and receive SOS messages in any emergency despite the unavailability of mobile network.

The report states that a Qualcomm X60 modem will be provided to connect Apple’s 14 series to the satellite, but this feature can only be used in an emergency.

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For the first time in 2019, Bloomberg revealed that Apple was working on finding suitable satellite technology for its products.

Interestingly, Apple analyst Carming Chi Kevin made this prediction regarding the iPhone 13 series, but this feature was not released in 2021.

According to smartphone-leaking websites, Apple could launch the series by the end of this year. However, the Lex series continues regarding the iPhone 14 series.

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Not long ago, Apple Insider, a website that monitors all news related to the iPhone, revealed the details of the iPhone 14, which may be released this year.

Apple Insider quoted Ming Chi Qi as saying that Apple would launch the iPhone 14 Pro with a 48-megapixel camera and the iPhone 15 model in 2023 with a periscope lens.

Ming said the upgrades would greatly increase the market share, revenue and profits of Taiwanese camera maker Largan Precision in the upcoming iPhone models.

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According to Ming, the 48-megapixel camera will be limited to the iPhone 14 Pro model only. With the help of this camera, users will be able to record 8K video, whereas in existing models only 4K video can be recorded.

This high resolution 8K video will make the view more suitable on Apple’s AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) headsets.

Ming added that Apple could also use the pixel buying process for better camera results. This technology is already being used in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and other Android phones like it.

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If Apple uses the camera binding process in the iPhone 14 Pro, it will be able to capture 48 megapixel images in higher light and 12 megapixel images in low light.

Q predicts that the iPhone 15 model will arrive in 2023 with a periscope lens. This will further increase the optical zoom capability in the iPhone.

What is a periscope lens?

Periscope lens provides optical zoom capability in smartphones which is not possible in any other way in smartphones. This lens allows users to optical zoom up to x 5 and x 10.

Existing iPhone models have a maximum zoom range of 2.5 x.


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