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Apple Is Working New Macs and MacBooks

Apple is working on many new Macs and MacBooks and the latest report by Mark Gurman, published on Bloomberg, suggests that many of these are already in an advanced stage of development and that the Cupertino house has begun to test them with third-party applications.

The heart of these products is obviously the new M2 chip and all the derivatives from the new architecture, which will gradually replace all the versions of M1 used up to now on each new Mac presented. According to Gurman, some log documents generated by the tested apps – backed by well-informed sources – have confirmed the existence of four versions of the M2 chips that will be adopted in the next generation of Mac.

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Gurman also summarized what Apple’s lineup should look like over the next few months – probably at least 18 months – by neatly listing – then citing the codes for each product – how M2 chips will be distributed on Macs and MacBooks. on arrival.


Going into more detail, the lineup of the next generation of Mac and MacBook should consist of the following models:

  • MacBook Air

    • code J413 with M2 chip
  • Mac mini

    • code J473 with M2 chip
    • code J474 with M2 Pro chip
  • MacBook Pro

    • code J493 with M2 chip, this is the entry level model
    • 14 “code J414 with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips
    • code J416 with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips
  • Mac Pro

    • code J180 equipped with the direct successor of M1 Ultra

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Regarding the specifications of the M2 chips, Gurman confirms that the standard version of M2 will be equipped with an octa core CPU and a GPU with 10 cores . We write standard as this should be the chip’s reference configuration, but there may be further versions binned versions as happened on all M1s, therefore with a lower number of graphics cores than those indicated in the presentation. M2 Max , on the other hand, is expected to offer a CPU with 12 cores and a 38-core GPU , while there are no details regarding the M2 Pro.

In presenting the next generation lineup, Gurman also hinted at some news regarding products equipped with M1 series chips, in particular Mac min i. In fact, Apple is reportedly working on an update of the current model that could be equipped with the M1 Pro chip (code J374), thus bringing an interesting performance increase for the more compact Apple desktop.

A Mac mini with M1 Pro could be the Mac suitable for many, as it allows you to overcome the limits of the version with M1 and be much more effective even in work environments that are a little more complex than normal. It appears that Apple also tested a version with the M1 Max, however this would have been discarded as it would overlap with the base version of Mac Studio.


In short, Apple’s lineup is undoubtedly very crowded and some of these products may already be on their way, according to Gurman. In particular, at least two of MacBook Air, basic MacBook Pro and Mac mini are expected to be available within the first half of the year. be available within the first half of the year and that the Air will receive its most important design update since the launch of the original model, as will adopt even smaller frames and the new MagSafe charging system.

The new design of the MacBook Air has been talked about a lot in the previous months, however it is difficult to imagine that the computer can be shown already at the upcoming WWDC 2022 , while it is much more likely that the Mac mini with M1 Pro will be released during the event, perhaps even with a silent update of the store.


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