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Apple M1 Chipsets Security Issues In All Devices

Apple M1 chipset has already been introduced into several products, including MacBook, iMax, iMac Mac, and iPad Pro. However, according to a recent report, the iPad Pro with the M1 has an irreparable flaw.

Developer Hector Martin pointed out that the iPad Pro poses a threat to the hardware level of the Apple M1, which means that a simple software update may not fix the problem. Cupertino apparently violated the arm architecture detail requirement.

Martin further explained that this flaw allows two tasks to secretly exchange data without using common operating system features. However, this threat does not pose a serious security threat.

Hackers cannot exploit vulnerabilities to gain control of any Apple device or steal sensitive information, but they can allow advertisers to track cross-applications. In both cases, the bug violates the security model of the operating system.

Also, this problem is permanent on all M1 devices, which means that it can affect the iPhone 12 series as well, as the A14 Bionic relies on the same CPU microarchitecture.

According to the developer, the only way to fix this is to run the operating system as a virtual machine (VM). However, this is not a possible repair solution.


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