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Apple Introduces Self Service Repair For iPhone Users

For the first time, the American technology company Apple has introduced Apple Self Service Repair decided for the iPhone users who want to repair their iPhones themselves.

Apple’s ‘Self-Service Repair’ will help consumers who purchase genuine Apple parts and tools to repair their phones.

The company has also announced to provide the instructions in this regard.

With the new program, users will be able to repair broken screens or cameras, or replace old batteries, for example.

Apple’s new announcement comes at a time when pressure is mounting from the “Right to Repair” movement. The movement maintains that making your equipment difficult to repair is unsustainable and unfair.

Although Apple offers other ways to repair your devices and offers the option to reuse or recycle old devices, the company has never formally asked consumers to repair their devices. That

Consumers will be asked to ensure they are ready for auto repair before receiving parts and tools and to understand the full complexity of any documented repair. They will also be guided through a series.

If the repair goes wrong, customers will be able to take it to a government supplier for repair by a professional craftsman, but will have to pay the price.

The ‘Self Service Repair’ program will connect thousands of service providers, some operating under Apple and others operating as independent businesses.

In 2019, Apple launched a new program to give freelancers full access to the company’s core components and tools.

Apple says it still expects the services of a professional repair service provider to be the safest and most reliable way for most consumers.

The company said the new service is for technicians with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices, as it may require precise work with very small and complex parts and could damage them. I can reach

If a user chooses to repair their device themselves, they will register online through a third-party provider.

They will then be sent instructions for the relevant parts and repairs and will be asked to return the broken parts to the company for recycling with the final price.

Initially, self-service repair for the iPhone 12 and 13 will be launched in the United States. It will later be introduced for Mac computers with M1 chips and in 2022 the service will be rolled out to other countries.

Apple has hinted that the company is working to make the new devices repairable during the design process, and its latest phones are the most repairable devices.


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