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Apple Silicon M1 Ultra: Apple Powerful Chipset Launched

Apple Silicon M1 Ultra is official: Apple announced it during the Peek Performance event. Basically these are two M1 Max chips connected to each other through a proprietary technology called UltraFusion , which has remained secret in the M1 Max die so far.

Johny Srouji, head of Apple’s chip division, said the company has implemented a feature in the M1 Max that allows two chips to connect to each other but behave as one , thus avoiding potential problems in programming and memory sharing. The link transfers up to 10,000 signals simultaneously and has a bandwidth of 2.5 TB per second.

M1 Ultra
M1 Ultra

In other words: M1 Ultra is like putting two M1 Max chips on one card, but without the downsides of a traditional dual processor system. The resulting chip is monstrous from many points of view: first for the size (just see the comparison above), and then for the performance, especially in relation to energy consumption . We list some numbers provided by Apple (unfortunately some terms of comparison are usually difficult to trace):

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  • Memory bandwidth: 800GB / s, more than eight times that of traditional desktop PCs.
  • CPU cores: 20, divided into 16 high-power and 4 high-efficiency.
  • CPU performance (on Mac Studio):
    • up to 3.8x faster than the fastest 27 “iMac with 10-core processor
    • up to 90% higher than the Mac Pro with 16-core Xeon processor
    • up to 60% higher than the 28-core Mac Pro.
  • Core GPU: 64.
  • GPU performance (on Mac Studio):
    • up to 4.5x faster than a 27 “iMac.
    • up to 80% higher than the fastest Mac video card currently available.
  • Unified memory: 128GB.
  • Neural Engine: 32 cores, 22,000 billion operations per second.
  • Speed: 8 times that of Apple Silicon M1.
  • CPU power consumption: 65% lower than that of a 16-core desktop CPU.
  • GPU power consumption: 200 W less than the most powerful discrete GPU, the NVIDIA RTX 3090.
  • Up to 90% more powerful in multi-threading than a Core i9-12900K and 100W lower power consumption.
  • Transistors: 114 billion.
M1 Ultra in the center
M1 Ultra in the center
Photo of the die. M1 Ultra in the center, memory banks on the sides


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Apple Silicon M1 Ultra will be available on the new Mac Studio, the ultra-pumped version of the Mac Mini that Apple also unveiled today . The M1 Ultra configuration, with 64 GB of unified memory, costs € 4,649, and goes to € 5,799 for 128 GB of unified memory.


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