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Apple Wants To Clean Up its App Store

The Cupertino company apple will massively remove from its store applications that have not been updated for several years. The developers concerned have thirty days to react.

Apple obviously doesn’t want antiques to be downloaded from its App Store anymore. In a note sent to some developers, the California firm announced that applications that have not been updated for some time will not be available for download after 30 days. If the application can still be retrieved by all users who have already downloaded it in the past, however, it will no longer be offered on the App Store for any new users.

Developers who want their applications to remain on the App Store will have no choice but to update within 30 days.

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This sudden and unexpected announcement did not fail to raise concerns but also raised questions among the developers concerned. Because if it is perfectly understandable on the part of Apple to require the updating of applications so that they can function on a maximum of devices, forcing developers to update applications that are still perfectly functional doesn’t make much sense. This is particularly the case for video games.

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On the page dedicated to App Store Improvements that Apple has posted on its site, the firm explains that it has implemented ”  a constant process of evaluating apps and removing those that no longer work as expected, which do not meet the current evaluation criteria, or which are obsolete.  »

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We learn that the team in charge of the App Store evaluates the applications offered in order to verify that they work correctly, meet certain criteria and that they are above all updated. Apple also recommends that developers ”  regularly update [their] apps to fix bugs, offer new content, provide additional services, or make improvements  “.

This isn’t the first time Apple has removed apps from its App Store. Already in 2016 , the Cupertino company had already carried out a major sweep in its application store.


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