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Apple WWDC2022: iPhones Will Replace Credit Cards

The iPhone is considered a symbol of the rich but now you do not need to pay a lump sum to buy anything from this expensive phone.

Technology giant Apple also unveiled some unique and important features for the iPhone at the four-day Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC2022 starting in California yesterday.

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Delegates at the WWDC 2022 say the technology conference, which runs through June 10 in Silicon Valley, also plans to use the iPhone more efficiently for payments.

According to a press release issued by the company, Apple’s “Buy Now” at the World Wide Developers Conference. The payroll feature is very popular among delegates.

Presumably, this feature will be introduced in the Apple operating system ‘iOS 16’, this feature will allow users to pay for any item purchased in 4 equal installments of one and a half months. This feature will be built into the iPhone wallet of iPhone users and they will be able to use it both online and through the app.

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Apple is focusing more on the payments system at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022, and in this context, the technology giant has announced the introduction of this feature called ‘Tape Topay’ later this month, under which any store with the help of phone, the price of any item can be easily paid with just one click.

Apple will release this feature under the name ‘Tape Topay‘ to all iPhone users later this month.


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