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ARC Alchemist: Intel’s Future Laptop GPUs Revealed

Intel dropped a slide showing five possible configurations for the portable version of the first generation ARC Alchemist GPU. Five cards with 96 to 512 execution units, and 4 GB to 16 GB of GDDR6. What to do with Nvidia and AMD?

As the launch of the first machines integrating Intel graphics cards approaches, information leaks become more precise. This time it’s a slide from a PowerPoint presentation that shows details of the five mobile versions of ARC Alchemist / DG2 , the first true commercial generation of a dedicated graphics card from Intel in over 20 years.

Graphic Memory Configuration
Graphic Memory Configuration

The five versions of mobile chips range from SKU1 (temporary code name), the most powerful with 512 EUs (execution units), supported by 16 GB OF GDDR6, to a small SKU5, and its 96 EUs accompanied by 4 GB of RAM.
As the chips increase in power and the number of RAM modules increases, the bandwidth increases to up to 512 GB/s, enough to be able to titillate, in theory, the mid-range or even high-end cards. range, from AMD and Nvidia.

In theory, because for now, we don’t know anything about the real performance of these cards. Knowing that we must also bear in mind that the first months of marketing will act as a baptism of fire for the software pilots. An essential point that can change everything and on which Intel’s competitors have a big advantage. With decades of experience in gaming GPUs, AMD and Nvidia have accumulated a lot of experience, and a lot of driver updates, which is not quite the case with Intel.

Although the American also produces GPUs (integrated into its processors) and maintains links with certain game studios, its network and its strike force in this area are less.

Contacted by us, Intel France refused to comment, simply replying that “we should see the first machines with ARC graphics solution arrive by the end of the first quarter” , without specifying whether they are GPUs. for laptops or desktops. One thing is certain, we will soon know more.

Intel ARC
Intel ARC

We can not comment on the actual performance of future chips from Intel, but it is however certain that the arrival of the giant in the world of GPUs could not come at a better time.

If Intel has succeeded in ensuring, in addition to a supply of components, a sufficient level of performance and a suitable price, it could quickly make room for itself in consumer machines, in particular fixed PCs.
A market in which the only cards available at an affordable price are entry-level trowels from five years ago, the RTX30s and other Radeon 6000s trading for up to 3000 euros per unit.

ntel therefore has quite a card to play, both in laptops and in towers. The outstanding question is therefore less that of pure performance than that of the availability/price ratio.

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