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Arfa Software Technology Park Is Not Part Of Arfa Trainings

The Punjab Information Technology Board PITB has explained that Arfa Training – National Initiative for Skills Development is not the slightest bit subsidiary with Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore.

As indicated by an authority articulation, PITB said Arfa Trainings is a phony organization utilizing the names and pictures of Arfa Software Technology Park to misdirect clueless residents and deny them of their well deserved cash. Should be possible

Arfa Training and Arfa Software Technology Park are two totally separate substances, read the articulation of PITB, he added that PITB has additionally not given office space to Arfa trainings.

A careless look at Arfa Training’s site uncovers that the organization professes to offer in excess of 60 courses and utilizes in excess of 150 teachers who have prepared in excess of 8,000 understudies.

While it boldly claims to be situated in Arfa Software Technology Park, Arfa Trainings is charging Rs 100,000 from guiltless residents. 1,500 under the guise of offering a 2-month preparing program. Rs. 5,000 for a 6-month program. 10,000 for a year program.

The PITB has cautioned that the administration of Arfa Software Technology Park won’t consider the residents answerable for the Arfa preparing measures and the monetary misfortunes brought about by it.

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