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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning To Replace Lawyers

On a normal day, lawyers will investigate cases, prepare drafts, or advise clients. However, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), robots are now capable of performing these complex tasks. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are already taking jobs that were hitherto reserved for professionals and people with expertise, such as lawyers. However, things may soon change. 

According to a report published in the Social Science Research Network , researchers say they have found a way to infer abstract decision outcomes from the text of the parties’ briefs. He has used linguistic analysis and ML techniques to do this. In short, they have succeeded in automating part of the work that lawyers do using software.

“We propose a freely available, computationally enabled citation identification and abbreviation bank tool, which will provide all litigants with the benefits of good law and access to justice,” the researchers said in the study abstract.

Two of the study’s three authors—Elizabeth C. Tippett (Associate Professor of Law, University of Oregon) and Charlotte Alexander (Associate Professor of Law and Analytics, Georgia State University)—also shared a lengthy article published by The Conversation explaining the importance of their study.   Wrote article piece.

This technique can be helpful in reducing the workload of lawyers. This can help clients more as they will not have to take costly legal aid to cite true cases by example in their legal matters. The researchers said their software can more easily pick out the right cases for lawyers to report. One person only needs to feed the brief description of the other party into the software.

If the difficult part of the job can be implemented on its own, it can make a big difference in the productivity of the job. Similarly, automation can also reduce the cost of legal services and make it more accessible and affordable to many.


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