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Artificial Intelligence Can be Sexist or Racist: Research

Artificial Intelligence Can be Sexist or Racist: Research

Technology has transformed the world into a global village. In an instant, you can talk to your loved ones thousands of kilometers away.

There is talk of governments and individuals around the world adopting technologies equipped with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, especially in the last two decades, has come up with machines capable of ‘thinking’.

Artificial intelligence is proving its usefulness in everything from the battlefield to the healthcare sector, from education to space exploration.

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However, this modern technology still has many flaws. The biggest mistake that can be made in artificial intelligence is to discriminate against its users on the basis of race and sex.

This was revealed in a study published in the science journal National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The authors of the study, James Xavier and Londa Schbinger say that when you translate an article from one language to another on Google, it usually does not distinguish between masculine and feminine.

Similarly, Nikon’s cameras, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, incorporated an artificial intelligence software, but the software used by the photographer blinked more, after which the software now assumes that there are always blinking eyes. The individual belongs to Asia.

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Similarly, the popular word-embedding algorithm used to analyze and process natural language data identifies the names of European-Americans, while identifying the names of African-Americans as undesirable names.

In one such experiment, researchers were asked to use artificial intelligence to identify an Eastern bride dressed in a white dress and an Eastern bride adorned according to Eastern traditions. The artificial intelligence identified the girl in a white dress as Bride.

In this regard, James Zouka says that these are just a few examples of the racial and sexual discrimination of artificial intelligence.

Researchers say that biased decision-making is unique to artificial intelligence, but many researchers say that it is important to address this important issue in light of the growing breadth of artificial intelligence. Because this technology is still in the evolutionary stage.

It should be noted that the growing use of artificial intelligence has caused concern in the European Union. And they are legislating to make it lawful.

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A report in this regard was released in April this year. In this first attempt to bring artificial intelligence under the purview of law, the first objective of European legislators is to create humane and reliable artificial intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence Act, enacted by the European Union, will be the first attempt to regulate artificial intelligence worldwide.

The European Union began work in 2018 on a framework to legalize artificial intelligence. This framework was part of the EU’s broader digital decreed regulations.


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