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Attempts to Find Planet Nine Failed Again

Attempts by astronomers to find Planet Nine, a mysterious planet in our solar system, have once again failed.

Planet Nine is an imaginary world hidden in the depths of a cloud of ice, perhaps beyond Neptune’s orbit.

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In a previous article published in the Astrophysical Journal on December 23, 2021, researchers presented six years of telescope data in an attempt to identify possible signs of Planet Nine in the southern sky.

Observations by the Itacama Cosmology Telescope in Chile between 2013 and 2019 showed 87% of the sky visible from the southern hemisphere.

The team identified more than 3,000 candidates who were at a distance of 400 to 800 astronomical units (one astronomical unit is equal to the distance between the sun and the earth). None of these candidates could be confirmed as planets.

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The team wrote in the article that no significant identification was found.

Researchers say, however, that inconclusive research has not ruled out the existence of this imaginary planet. This has only reduced the possibilities where the planet is hiding and what its features might be.


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