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Audi and Porsche Parner For EV Charging at 150 kW

Recently, Audi Japan and Porsche Japan, united to further promote and promote electric mobility, formed the Premium Charging Alliance, an alliance between the two major brands, both of the Volkswagen Group.

In orbit, aimed at expanding the network. 150 kW fast-charging station in the whole area of ​​sunrise land. Thanks to this alliance, fast-charging stations operated by both companies will be available to both Porsche and Audi owners from 1 July 2022.

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To fulfill this plan to expand charging services in Japan, both Audi and Porsche brands combine the networks of all their dealerships and their fast-charging stations in cities for the benefit of battery electric vehicle BEV owners. Will do This will allow Porsche and Audi owners to use 50 Porsche turbocharger units at 41 locations for a total of 102 fast-charging stations for electric vehicles by the end of 2022 and Audi Japan’s 52 nationwide units.

The Porsche Turbo Charger Fast Charging Units offer the most powerful and efficient power transmission of any 150 kW charging system in the country, and can charge Taycan’s battery up to 80% in 24 minutes.

There are currently 50 units operating in Japan: 37 units in 33 Porsche centers (out of a total of 45), with seven locations (12 units) as part of the urban charging infrastructure, including one unit in the Porsche Experience.

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Commenting on the project, Michael Krish, CEO of Porsche Japan, said: “Japan is committed to developing a public charging network. However, we believe that the charging speed itself is not fast enough.

With the Premium Charging Alliance, we aim to work with other companies that also provide faster charging, which means our customers spend less time charging their cars, looking for more convenient locations and make electric vehicles easier to drive. “


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