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BabyT: Automatic Tool For Translating Children’s Cries Developed

Swiss-Spanish joint startup Zoundream has developed a device that automatically detects a newborn baby’s cry when it hears it.

The device, dubbed ‘BabyT’, uses special hardware as well as artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that have been trained by thousands of newborns to cry.

From birth to one year of age, babies cannot speak, so they cry and express their needs, which is often very difficult for parents to understand.

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Anna Laguna of Switzerland and Roberto Lannon of Spain have jointly formed the ‘Zoundrim’ startup company.

According to Lanon, the device can automatically detect four types of needs in a baby’s crying: hunger, pain, gas and the urge to hug.

In order to train the software of this tool, samples of thousands of newborns from all over the world were collected and it was also examined how the baby had stopped crying.

Its hardware is specially designed so that it filters out unnecessary noise and records the sound of a baby crying.

Today it is recognized that the way all children in the world cry and the meaning of this style are exactly the same.

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That is, the difference in country and language does not affect the meaning of crying in newborns.

Another mobile app called “Cry Translator” has been available for years, with the makers claiming that it can detect the meaning of a baby’s cry in just ten seconds, while its efficiency is 96% when the noise is reduced. Is up to

Although this is the purpose of “BabyBT”, but it has been trained in a separate way while it consists of software as well as hardware.

Zoundrim recently unveiled the device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Information about “BabyT” available on their website indicates that the device is currently in the testing phase and will likely go on sale next year.


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