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Battle Ground Bans Thousands of Accounts

The world’s leading action-packed game, Battle Grounds, has banned more than 40,000 players a week from illegal downloads and cheating with other players.

A statement issued by Battle Ground India Mobile’s publisher Crafton said that between April 11 and 17 this month, 40,000 such accounts were closed which were using illegal and unethical methods to gain extraordinary benefits in the game.

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The South Korean gaming company says a total of 41,898 accounts have been blocked and will no longer be able to play Battle Ground Mobile on its existing devices.

Crafton NAB has also published a list of names of all the cheater players on the official website of GMGI. Also last week, Crafton blocked 49,327 accounts.

Regarding the ban on accounts, the game developer said that any illegal and immoral activities are not allowed on our platform.

We test accounts on a weekly basis to make our gaming platform safe and trustworthy for other players. Take immediate action against accounts that violate the Terms and Conditions.

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If a player is found to be involved in an activity that negatively affects the performance of other players, not only their account but also their devices are blacklisted.

Note that players facing a one-time ban cannot play Battle Ground for life on devices whose Pran accounts have been closed.

Crafton also banned more than 600,000 accounts for illegal activities in 2021.


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