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Battlground Tournament 2022 Registration Started

The world’s most popular mobile video game has announced the first Battlground tournament of 2022 in which the winner will be awarded up to Rs 75 lakh.

Registration for the Open Challenge tournament begins today, according to a statement from Krafton, a South Korean company that created the Battle Ground mobile.

The winning team of the Battlground tournament will be given a prize of 7.5 million.

Game developer Krafton says that in order to participate in this open challenge, players have to meet the specified conditions and rules.

The 32 selected teams will be sent to the Battle Ground India Pro Series (BMPS), while the winner of the BMPS final will be awarded a prize money of Rs. 7.5 million.

According to the company, players who have reached the 25th level of Battle Ground Mobile India with Tier Platinum 5 are eligible to register for the Battle Ground Open Challenge on the company’s website.

Event Battlground registration will run from March 14 to March 27.

512 teams will be selected in the first round of the tournament, out of which 256 teams will participate in the second round. In the third phase, only 64 teams will be able to go.

The remaining 32 teams in the fourth round will face each other in the Battle Ground India Pro Series Season One. Gradually one team will be recognized as the winner.


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