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Best Android Apps 2022: Best Apps of February 2022

Google’s operating system Android has opened up a whole new world of convenience for users. There are millions of applications on the Google Play Store, each with its own functionality, but selecting a handful of best apps out of these millions is certainly a gamble.

We have compiled a list of apps that should be present in every user’s phone.

This list includes an app that tests your targeting and also helps the user perform daily tasks.

The best apps of February

Top Priorities is one of the best app of the month. As the name implies, this is a scheduled app. Unlike other scheduled app, its user interface is very simple, which is understandable even for the first time user of this app.

This app helps you to perform important daily tasks, events and pending tasks in an orderly manner. Users can place their outstanding tasks on the front patch according to their importance.

Elo Audio

It feels honorable to listen to a book or a document instead of reading it, but if you are one of those people who feel more comfortable listening instead of reading. Then of course ‘Elo Audio’ app will be very helpful for you.

This app allows the user to import any private or official documents, books. After importing the files, make a playlist by arranging them according to your preferences and keep listening.

It supports both Word and PDF formats. The app also enables users to select different voices.

This app, which works like a podcast, is perfect for people who are less visible due to illness or any other reason.

Active flow

Created under the name Activeflow, the app aims to keep the user focused on work or study, eliminating the hassle of repeatedly checking the phone.

Once ActiveFlow mode is enabled, it will ask you why every time you try to unlock your phone.

This app will save the reason you stated in your records.

At the end of the day you can see which app was viewed and why. Like the Digital Whale Bang, it also records the number of phone unlocks throughout the day.

It is made especially for people who are always checking their smartphones for small things.

Although it is annoying to write down the reason for unlocking the phone every time, it can also help you a lot in your screen time.

Big Hunter

This is a very simple but interesting game that works even in the absence of internet. In this game you have to target the animals that try to attack you.

With excellent graphics and music, the game gives the player the freedom to choose the animal of his choice.


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