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12 Best Antivirus In 2022 For Safety and Security

After the years 2020 and 2021 marked by the massive use of teleworking, cybercrime is doing better than well. We are still, unfortunately, in a situation that makes the use of a full security suite highly recommended, if not essential, at least on Windows. And it is against this background that we have once again reviewed the major security suites available on PC. What is the best antivirus for 2022?

You could say it right away: with the exception of McAfee and F-Secure who took the last year to take an in-depth look at their suits, at least from a user experience perspective, we’ve had a year of stability. I am Almost all software, most of which keeps up its pace with minor updates. And while the threat landscape doesn’t really affect any solution more than others, it’s no surprise that Bitdefender Total Security is our favorite suite.

Ranking of the best antivirus 2022 (paid version)

  1. Bitdefender Total Security
  2. Norton 360 Premium
  3. Kaspersky Total Security
  4. F-Secure TOTAL
  5. ESET Smart Security Premium
  6. G Data Total Security
  7. McAfee Total Protection
  8. Avira Prime
  9. Trend Micro Maximum Security
  10. Malwarebytes Premium

1. Bitdefender Total Security: the best antivirus 2022

Bitdefender Total Security 2022

  • Excellent feature / price ratio
  • Flawless efficiency
  • Slight performance impact

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 continues the momentum of previous versions with continued foolproof efficiency. To detect and block any type of threat, the suite performs flawlessly, without detecting false positives or causing significant impact on Windows performance. Compared to previous versions, we regret some interface choices that lean too much towards the general public, even if we always welcome the educational effort of the publisher. Without a doubt one of the best security suites for Windows, if not the best.

The years go by and our conclusions remain: Bitdefender Total Security 2022 is once again our favorite antivirus, with a winning formula on all fronts: ease of use, relevance of functionalities, consistency of the multi-device offer (PC, mobile and web) and of course robustness of protection. So many reasons that still justify its place at the top of this ranking.


Bitdefender Total Security 2022, very close to the version previously tested, still manages to climb to the top of the laboratory podiums, with a faultless score including on the latest zero day threats, and a detection that works equally well with or without internet connection.

No change in the protection layers of the suite which still combines the cloud and behavioral analysis thanks to the Advanced Threat Defense protection. Viruses, Trojans, Rootkit, but also ransomware and fraudulent sites are detected with efficiency.

On the more specific case of ransomware that we have found several times in the news in recent years, Bitdefender offers a module dedicated to their blocking and also their remediation. The suite also offers solid protection against network attacks with its Network Threat Prevention. Around these modules, the protection of vulnerabilities in the system, the web and online payments is just as robust and functional.

All this does not mean that Bitdefender undermines the performance of Windows: thanks to continuous work on its impact, Bitdefender Total Security is still among the most effective on this point.

Features, ergonomics and interface

The interface of BitDefender evolves for this version, adopting a little more colorful visuals and a more didactic approach to guide the novice user. The software is still recommendable to experts thanks to well-crafted options.

After a cosmetic change last year, Bitdefender’s interface hasn’t changed this year. We therefore find a familiar and relevant organization, and a good mix between ease of use, pedagogy and granularity of options for expert users. We just regret a cursor a little too much on the side of neophytes since the last major update.

The functionalities are not left out: beyond simple protection against threats, there is a digital safe, a firewall, a password manager and a VPN , in neat and well-integrated modules. We still regret the fact that the VPN is still limited in its daily data quota. For the rest, everything is there: anti-theft, file shredders, webcam monitoring… Neither too many gadget functions, nor too few.

Finally, we still appreciate the consistency of its multi-device offer and even beyond mobile applications, with the best web management interface encountered on any security suite.

Download Bitdefender Total Security 2022 Click here

2. Norton 360 Premium: best family antivirus

Norton 360 Premium 2022: The family
  • Robust and lightweight protection
  • Great ease of use
  • VPN included and unlimited

The best antivirus for family use

Norton 360 remains a very good all-in-one security solution for the general public. The protection, which can be a little too aggressive to avoid false positives, is very effective, the impact on Windows performance is always minimal, and the unlimited VPN remains an interesting asset, even if others have followed suit. not since. Expert users may prefer a Kaspersky or BitDefender, but Norton 360 is currently our preferred solution for the family.
Norton 360 Premium 2022 is our best choice for protecting your entire family with ease and efficiency. The sequel hasn’t changed much this year, with an exciting new feature: Dark Web Monitoring. But like Bitdefender and Kaspersky, Norton doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel.


Norton 360 offers a high level of protection, to which we are rather accustomed, with the same qualities and the same faults. Thus, the detection of recent and older threats is close to perfection: between the layers of cloud detection and behavioral analysis, the suite continues to be among the most secure solutions. On the other hand, there always seems to be a doubt about the false positives, obviously quite numerous.

Protection has not really moved on its fundamentals, namely the SONAR behavioral analysis module, and a more classic analysis taking advantage of the cloud, as we can see with detection results that are still more effective online than offline. . Norton 360 also leverages threat virtualization technologies, and increasingly monitors files that may be attacked by ransomware.

This still robust package comes with layers of protection against exploits and intrusions, and complete protection of the web, including fraudulent sites and links. This year, Norton is supplementing its offer with a feature to monitor its identifiers on the dark web, which makes it possible to observe possible leaks.

Features, ergonomics and interface

Norton 360 uses a familiar interface. As such, we wonder if the suite would not do better to stabilize on a unified interface rather than the duo formed by the reception “My Norton”, more general, and the “classic” interface of the security suite. At least, the choice is left to the user for which one is displayed first. For the rest, it does not move, but it was already very clear and functional for the general public, perhaps a little too light for “power users”.

It is in the functionalities that Norton 360 continues to make the difference, and somewhere that is not surprising since Norton was the first on this type of “all in one” suite. Thus, like McAfee, it offers a VPN included in the interface and therefore very easy to use, but above all unlimited. And if most users will always prefer a dedicated cloud backup solution, we appreciate the presence in the Premium subscription of 75 GB associated with an automatic backup solution always well thought out.

The web interface would benefit from being even more functional even if we appreciate the integration of the dark web monitoring module mentioned above. On the other hand, the publisher’s mobile applications are a model of its kind with a panel of features that make the most of Android as well as iOS, and ergonomics that act as a model.

Download Norton 360 2022 Click Here

3. Kaspersky Total Security: best protection level antivirus

Kaspersky Total Security 2022Top of the top

  • Still formidable efficiency
  • Very good banking and ransomware protection
  • Imperceptible impact on performance

The most protective

Kaspersky Total Security remains on a model of iterative evolutions and like BitDefender, it is rather in a period of stagnation in terms of functionality and interface. Like its competitor, it nevertheless has an undeniably solid base, and all the lights are green: relevance and effectiveness of protection features, limited impact on Windows performance and an interface that is certainly unchanged but overall very pleasant despite a few small concerns. prioritization of functionalities which would benefit from being reviewed.

There was no major uproar over Kaspersky’s total security. We believe or doubt the allegations that have tarnished the sequel, but it is undeniable that Kaspersky Total Security 2022 still provides similar protection to its users, and such a globally successful interface and features. With which are as full as before.


Once again, there is not much to say about Kaspersky 2022, as nothing has fundamentally changed in the robust protection offered afterwards, and this proven formula still achieves excellent results.

Thus on the two main laboratories, it appears that the protection offered thereafter is always of a formidable effectiveness to protect a PC against any type of threat, recent or not. You might think that the software is a little less good when it comes to its static file detection, but this gap is systematically filled by impeccable protection or almost in its entirety: threats are effectively blocked in almost all cases and, it should be noted, almost without any false positives.

On the last measurements taken, it seems that the slight backlash on the impact of the suite on Windows performance is a thing of the past, and Kaspersky Total Security is therefore once again becoming a solution that is both robust and contained in its mobilization of resources.

Features, ergonomics and interface

Once again we are faced with a graphical interface which has stabilized to the point of not having changed at all for a year. Overall it is a success even if we continue to deplore a hierarchy of functionalities can be a little less readable than that of Bitdefender or F-Secure. However, everything is well explained, clear and never too loaded with options that could be too complex to understand.

The functionalities are carried over to this version and there is not much to complain about either on their relevance (password manager, encryption, firewall, VPN, etc.) or on the quality of implementation of the various modules. Maybe just regret once again a limited VPN as standard.

Finally, Kaspersky always stands out for the quality of its mobile applications and especially its web interface which, like that of Bitdefender, does not offer a simple management of its subscription, but a complete solution for the administration of the solution for all devices.

Download Kepersky Total Security Antivirus Click Here

4. F-Secure TOTAL: easy to use and focused on privacy

F-Secure TOTAL 2022

  • VPN included and unlimited
  • Very light protection
  • Very good efficiency

The most generous

F-Secure TOTAL is a good security suite which has the advantage of offering a sufficiently targeted and fairly unique panel of features: unlimited VPN, full antivirus and efficient password manager. The evolution of the user interface leaves us a little perplexed on certain choices, but overall it turns out to be relatively judicious, and we like its pedagogical side always present, especially since the publisher has worked on its lightness. At worst, we can cast doubt on the false positives in the absence this year of additional data from AV Comparatives, and on the mobile applications which are losing functionality, but overall, it appears that F-Secure has a once again worked his copy well.

F-Secure TOTAL is still among the good surprises of this comparison, thanks to a refreshing approach that clearly emphasizes the protection of user data, and a very light and educational interface. A continuation to keep in mind for family protection!


In terms of protection, F-Secure TOTAL is doing a little worse than at the time of our previous comparison, AV Test having notably detected a small failure on its last Zero Day test. Overall, the solution gets away with honors, combining a very good blocking rate (still between 99 and 100%) and a visibly limited number of false positives.

F-Secure offers protection focused on the essential, with a mixture of behavioral analysis (Deepguard) and cloud detection, efficient and discreet web protection with automatic launch of banking sites in a secure environment, web extensions against fraudulent sites and monitoring personal files for ransomware attacks.

F-Secure already stood out by being one of the first publishers to integrate a VPN into its solution. This is not only provided: Freedome, especially used on iOS and Android, is also unlimited. You can surf with peace of mind with a VPN that is certainly not one of the fastest, but very effective from a data protection perspective.

Features, ergonomics and interface

The interface of F-Secure has evolved further in 2021 and after the surprise of a presentation can be a little too airy, we are all the same seduced by its simplicity for general public users with a beautiful consistency in the screens, a educational side always present and never too much information. Experts will probably prefer the robustness of G Data or ESET, but given the target audience, this approach makes perfect sense.

The included Freedome VPN continues to be one of F Secure TOTAL’s strengths: it is unlimited and extremely easy to use. Available within the suite as well as iOS and Android mobile apps, it is one of the best VPNs for this purpose to be integrated into a security suite.

The ID Protection module introduced last year may have started a fad: McAfee and Norton, the two other most consumer-oriented suites, have taken up this idea of ​​a password manager that also includes a dark web watch. looking for leaked identifiers. The F-Secure solution remains consistent and easy to access.

Download F-Secure TOTAL Click Here

5.ESET Smart Security Premium: best performance-level antivirus

ESET Smart Security Premium 2022

  • Features get to the point
  • Very good efficiency in general
  • Impact on improving performance (web browsing)

The most efficient

With its minimalist and targeted 2022 edition, ESET Smart Security does not change its approach, and that is what we are asking of it. That, and provide effective protection. This product now includes a flagship feature, LiveGuard, for scanning potentially malicious files in an ESET cloud sandbox environment. Also, despite the lack of evolution of its interface, we still greatly appreciate its simplicity and its ability to adapt to different audiences, which is not the case with all software that sometimes tends to popularize too much without thinking about more technophile users.

Very few changes this year on ESET Smart Security Premium . Like the other years, one would be tempted to say, and yet we continue to appreciate this sequel which holds a special place for power users.


There is nothing really new in terms of protection on the latest versions of ESET Smart Security, and that’s a pretty good sign, as the sequel has consistently proven to be very effective in its engine. analysis, with a discretion that does not prevent ESET from providing, for example, the layer of protection for Chrome and the Google Play Store.

The sequel’s fortunes have been quite diverse in recent years, however, and on the most recent tests, we can’t say that ESET Smart Security has been among the best. In terms of the detection of zero day threats, in particular, ESET seems to have somewhat accused the blow, missing the first step of the podium at AV Comparatives like AV Test, even if one cannot qualify its results alarming either. On “classic” detection, the results are better and even excellent.

Nothing to complain about either in terms of the impact on Windows performance: undoubtedly ESET does a good job, and if a version can be indented occasionally, the publisher still frequently corrects the situation and it is the case. here.

Features, ergonomics and interface

ESET hardly upgrades its interface anymore. This remains minimalist and clear, with options despite everything very rich for the user who wishes to access this “expert” mode, the general public probably not needing to venture there. We might still appreciate some changes, because no interface is perfect enough to be completely unchanged but the current copy remains relevant, especially since the editor does not multiply the features even on this version.

Likewise, we might regret the absence of a VPN, which is increasingly popular among security suites, but ESET really seems to be focusing on its basics: secure web browsing, parental controls and password manager. We will therefore really recommend ESET to a public who wants precisely “tight” features that do not duplicate other software or services that they may already have.

Download Smart Security Antivirus 2022 Click here

6. G DATA Total Security: rich in functionality, but a confusing interface

G DATA Total Security 2022

  • Always so efficient
  • Very customizable for experts
  • Relatively light

The most configurable

G Data does G Data. And somewhere, for those who are accustomed to what follows, the main thing is that the editor “does the job”, that is to say to ensure robust and reactive protection, and even if neither the functionalities nor the interface have moved a pixel, this is undeniably the case with near perfect threat detection and blocking and limited impact on Windows performance.

In a year where few suites have experienced radical changes, G DATA Total Security is doing even stronger by not changing anything. For regulars and advanced users, great! On the other hand, we can always deplore this stagnation, which fortunately is not felt at all on the effectiveness of the foolproof solution.


And this is really what makes it possible to classify the sequel in the top 5: we will have understood that we should not look for anything new this year, on the other hand in terms of protection, we are still in a good period. With the exception of a small underperformance of the sequel on the latest Real World Test from AV Comparatives (7 unblocked threats), it is flawless, with always excellent consistency between the results obtained online and offline. .

Robustness is always the key: the Deep Ray system and dual engine protection, made up of Bitdefender and the in-house Closegap engine, still seem to work solidly, with protection against ransomware, fraudulent sites and all kinds of threats. Without having upgraded its suite this year, G Data has kept it at a high level.

We also appreciate the gain in optimization observed in the latest versions, where G Data had previously let it go: the impact on Windows performance seems to have returned to a satisfactory level.

Features, ergonomics and interface

G DATA’s interface has not changed in 2021. Neither in 2020 nor in 2019, and we can actually go back to 2013 to find really new pixels in the ergonomics of this suite. For regulars, it works: when using software, we don’t necessarily like to see its interface change every year. There is still a little cleaning to do on the side of the hierarchy of features which would make everything a little more readable, especially in the Total Security version, provided with features.

Because on this side, it is the Swiss army knife: complete security of course (firewall, anti ransomware … but also file backup, shredder, password manager, encryption tools, parental control … No VPN on the other hand at the German publisher.

Download G DATA Total Security click here

7. McAfee Total Protection: A Family and Consumer-Centric Overhaul

McAfee Total Protection 2022

  • New coherent and didactic interface
  • Overall effective protection
  • Focus on identity protection

The most perfectible

McAfee is making good progress on this new version and in the category of security suites really designed for general public users, it even ranks among the best. Its new interface will inevitably annoy a “power user” who will have the impression of being taken by the hand at all times, but for a solution which is primarily intended for “technophobic” users, we can appreciate the work of guiding and the consistency of the interface, whether between the different screens and between the desktop and mobile versions. However, McAfee still lacks that little extra that would allow it to be infallible, and while maintaining a very good level of protection, it still seems to show a small underperformance on zero day threats.

McAfee Total Protection , like Norton and F-Secure, is aimed at a truly family audience. And this year, the publisher has undertaken a major ergonomic redesign of its suite, which may not be unanimous, but whose simplicity and consistency can be appreciated.


McAfee, in its 2022 version, renews the confidence that we have been able to place in previous versions of the suite.

Thus, on AV Test, the only downside noted concerns the performance in blocking “Zero Day” threats over one month (99.3%), the next one being perfect. As for the “classic” detection, it is also faultless. On AV Comparatives, we could note a certain slack in the Real World Test on previous versions, it is nothing more here: no sample passes through the cracks, and the performances at the level of fakes positives are also noteworthy.

All of this would be perfect if the impact on performance weren’t so heavy, and unfortunately that’s a bit what plagues the rest this year with installations sometimes greatly slowed down and web browsing not at the top.

Features, ergonomics and interface

McAfee therefore completely revises its copy at the ergonomic level and it is a daring approach, based on pedagogy and tasks rather than on “classic” navigation. Visually, it’s very successful, and we really like the constant effort to explain what the software has done and can do. This is clearly an approach that will irritate the experts to the highest point, but if you have decided to offer an antivirus to your loved ones that speaks the same language as them and constantly takes them by the hand, McAfee is a very good choice. relevant.

Last year, McAfee added an unlimited VPN to its Total Protection offer and we are happy to find it here, in addition to the web protection features that are still as strong as possible, and a module for preventing and monitoring your leaks. identifiers on the dark web very well done

Mobile applications have been redesigned in the same vein and are quite successful, even if “power users” will again prefer a more expert and less “family” solution.

Download McAfee Total Protection Click Here

8. Avira Prime: a half-completed overhaul

Avira Prime 2022

  • Unlimited VPN
  • Relatively efficient solution
  • Pleasant interface overall

The most pro

There is not much to say about Avira Prime, as the new features recently are minimal. We like the efforts made to make the interface more affordable, in line with Avast, but a year later, that this overhaul is still unfinished is regrettable. The functionalities have not really changed. Is it bad? Not really, since they are quite complete, and that the sequel shows a very good efficiency on its defenses, with at worst a very small weakness on the threats of type Zero Day. Avira Prime therefore remains a good solution overall, which however struggles to really stand out from its competitors.

Avira may have merged with Norton, Avira Prime still exists, without much novelty for a 2022 version which is defending itself after a controversial overhaul.


As on previous versions, Avira does a good job on its protection, but still seems a bit behind on some points. Overall, protection is very good for most threats, but not perfect on newer malware, especially at AV Comparatives which rates over 6 infections in their latest Real World Test.

It is better, on the other hand, for the detection and the protection against the “all comers”, between 99.98% and 100% according to the laboratories, and very few false positives detected.

In terms of the impact on Windows performance, the rest seems to be doing a yoyo ride: one of the latest tests to date at AV-Test is nonetheless part of a 50% slowdown in web browsing. It seems to have resolved since then, but it’s hard not to notice this drop in power.

Features, ergonomics and interface

After a radical overhaul last year, Avira continues to refine the interface of its antivirus, with an approach very similar to that of Avast, which may displease purists but which has the advantage of offering a much better readability. features for less sophisticated users. On the other hand, the parameters are stained, between menus inherited from previous versions and still display bugs on a high-resolution screen like that of a Surface Pro.

The features, without overdoing it, are relevant and we particularly appreciate the automatic update manager for Windows and third-party applications which works discreetly and well! For those who are allergic to the necessary updates, this is a plus. The built-in and unlimited VPN is also one of its strengths.

Avira Prime still offers a security solution that holds up overall, even if it does not necessarily stand out from others, and will again have to convince on its recent underperformance.

9. Trend Micro Maximum Security: A simple but perfectible solution?

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2022

  • Simple and educational interface
  • Good efficiency in general
  • Correct performance impact

The best value for money antivirus

Our opinion on Trend Micro Maximum Security is generally positive, but the small disappointment that we have already seen remains: with such a successful interface and such a minimalist approach, we would like to be able to recommend this solution for those who do not want to to bother with an antivirus that is too complex, or too rich in features and parameters. All in all, we could do it. Nevertheless, the small underperformance of the detection engine seems to persist in some scenarios and so it is difficult for us to be as categorical as we would like.

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2022 Antivirus is a solution that we would like to be able to recommend, because it seems to tend towards the goal of simplicity and appreciable minimalism. Unfortunately, the performance is not there.


Trend Micro is not what you might call a regular student, and lab test results often show big contradictions in its protection. The publisher has chosen to base its detection on the cloud, and if it takes a light approach, we immediately see the problem: it is one of the most disappointing antiviruses on offline detection, a scenario that can still occur quite often. Online, it’s better, but with all the same big doubts about AV Comparatives which notes 121 infections on its set of samples, proof that the software is not infallible.

The software suite also includes strong defensive shields for the protection of financial transactions, social networks, or fraudulent emails. And when it comes to detecting and blocking zero-day threats, Trend provides reassurance with very good results.

Features, ergonomics and interface

Trend Micro always cuts a good figure on its interface which is certainly very minimalist but well thought out and neat. We feel that the publisher does not want to lose the user in a multitude of modules, and it works quite well, with in addition a small cosmetic evolution this year for more clarity.

We could still wish to see some evolutions modeled on its competitors: why not VPN? We can appreciate the desire to focus on essential features, but that does not prevent the addition of one or two new features that could strengthen its interest.

The mobile applications and the web interface, if they are not particularly original, are of good quality, and we appreciate the effort to offer an iOS app that is not a simple gadget.

In short, doubts remain about Trend Micro and it’s a shame because the solution has real qualities. However, it seems to lack a little robustness so that we can really recommend it without hesitation.

Download Trend Micro Maximum Security 2022 Click here

10. Malwarebytes Premium: Better Antimalware Tool Than Security Suite?

Malwarebytes Premium 2022

  • Very ergonomic and simple interface
  • Just right…

The best web protection

Malwarebytes could well be one of the favorite antivirus of the power users if it crosses another level in terms of efficiency. Unfortunately, despite a frankly successful interface, its minimalist approach struggles to convince us 100%.

Malwarebytes Premium has a somewhat particular positioning: as a paid version of a disinfection tool, it offers “basic” antivirus functions, or even free antivirus in the paid version. A good point for the experts, but the efficiency seems a cut below expectations.


Malwarebytes Premium does not offer low quality protection, far from it. On the other hand, in a context where more and more antivirus, even free, perform very well even on zero day threats, we see that the protection offered by Malwarebytes is not infallible with variations over the months. , and a tendency to multiply false positives.

We would also have liked the minimalism of the solution to translate into an almost imperceptible impact on the performance of Windows 10, and unfortunately it seems that this is not the case: without being bad, Malwarebytes Premium does not stand out among the lightest. .

Features, ergonomics and interface

The functionality of Malwarebytes Premium is kept to a minimum: real-time protection against malware, ransomware, scam sites and exploits. And that’s all ! This minimalism will delight some users who are only looking for a simple antivirus, but for the Premium version, Malwarebytes could perhaps consider integrating at least its VPN which remains reserved for a “bundle” of the two software.

This approach has a very positive effect on the interface, however: we are clearly seduced by its simplicity. Everything fits on a screen, everything is readable and almost all the functions can be operated directly without going through a secondary window. Too bad the localization is incomplete on the tested version.

Ranking of the best free antivirus

More and more complete, the free antiviruses from Avast and Microsoft do not have to be ashamed of the paid suites. As evidenced by the tests carried out by AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, they are now among the best antiviruses on the market. Much to the chagrin of security vendors, the Windows Defender antivirus natively integrated into Windows 10 by Microsoft has progressed significantly and now has a set of defensive shields that allow it to fight against all types of threats, including ransomware, exploits, etc. Windows Security Center also offers a firewall and parental control system, two features usually reserved for paid security suites. Its SmartScreen anti-phishing is unfortunately only available for the Edge home browser.

The very popular Avast Antivirus includes versions for macOS and Android and offers many additional functions. However, it skips a parental control system and a firewall, but PC users can use those built into Windows. Reliable, powerful and user-friendly, Avast Free Antivirus has almost everything to please. As with Windows Defender, minimalistic anti-phishing protection is its main weakness. These free antiviruses may be sufficient for many prudent users, but they are still too limited to replace a multi-platform paid antivirus to effectively protect homes.

Download Malwarebytes Premium 2022 Click here

11. Avast Free Antivirus: Best Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus 2022

  • Very good efficiency of the basic modules
  • Neat and simple interface
  • Moderate impact on performance

The best free antivirus

Compatible with Windows, macOS and Android platforms, Avast Free Antivirus 2021 still has serious arguments to make both in terms of its defensive qualities as well as its functional richness and its user-friendly interface. It only needs an anti-phishing worthy of the name to compete with … the best paid suites.

Over the years, Avast Free Antivirus has really made a name for itself as a major antivirus beyond its beginnings where it was often installed because it was the least bad or the easiest to use. Its efficiency puts it among the best, and the free version delivers the essentials, even if it sells the rest too heavily.


Avast’s protection is well worth that of other software: its antivirus engine collects 6/6 on AV-Test and we have to go back to April 2020 to break this series of perfect or almost perfect scores, the engine still sometimes stumbling over zero-day threats. AV Comparatives makes the same observation: small hesitations on its Real World Protection Test, and an almost perfect report on the laboratory’s Malware Protection Test, with the exception of March 2020.

Avast’s protection, even in the free version, is complete with shields for files, web, email, suspicious system actions or even ransomware, for which it is able to monitor sensitive files for changes. by insecure software.

We regret all the same that in its intelligent analysis, the software includes resolution solutions which are in fact hidden advertisements for Avast Premium Security.

Features, ergonomics and interface

This remains the main criticism that can be formulated against Avast. That the functionalities are reduced to just antivirus protection in this free version does not seem abnormal to us: Avast Free Antivirus remains a basic version, and it already offers a lot compared to basic versions of paid suites. However, the way these features are presented and some screens that sell them too insistently bothers us.

It’s a shame, because apart from this defect, we applaud the clarity of the interface of Avast Free Antivirus. It is always a model of hierarchy of functionalities and readability and we find almost instantly everything we are looking for where it is needed. On the latest version, we can admit that the publisher has made a little effort to distinguish the free features from the premium part.

Download Avast Free Antivirus 2022 Click Here

12. Windows Defender: best built-in free antivirus

Microsoft Windows Defender

  • Efficient and discreet latest generation detection engine
  • Integration in Windows 10
  • Firewall

The best integrated solution

More and more powerful and complete, Microsoft Windows Defender is now a reliable antivirus for Windows 10. If the publisher decides to add a sandbox and extend its SmartScreen anti-phishing technology to all browsers, it could well start to seriously overshadow paid solutions.

Who would have thought that one day, Windows Defender , the former Microsoft Security Essentials often mocked for its average performance and minimal features, would live up to the best free antivirus? However, this is the case today, with a version still integrated into Windows 10 as well.


Microsoft Defender, or rather Microsoft Defender or Windows Security as it is now to be called, has managed to rank among the best on AV Comparatives as well as on AV Test in recent years, and its most astonishing performance is arguably its efficiency on zero day threats: it is not perfect, but manages to maintain a very good level on the successive tests of the two main laboratories. On more widespread threats, this is oddly where it is a little more irregular, while often getting a maximum rating. In any case, today it really offers quite adequate protection.

Microsoft Defender’s layers of protection are relevant: in addition to real-time protection, based on behavioral analysis and machine learning techniques whose effectiveness against unknown threats therefore seems solid, it includes a protection module against ransomware with sensitive case monitoring and remediation via OneDrive. This is a flaw that we can admit: between this use of OneDrive and the compatibility of the Smart Screen functionality with Microsoft Edge, let’s say that it is particularly effective if you stay in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Features, ergonomics and interface

Talking about the features of Microsoft Defender is a bit special, in that it is already somewhere more of a Windows 10 feature set than full-fledged software. However, under the banner and interface “Windows Security”, there is finally a fairly extensive panel: antivirus protection, firewall, control of applications and suspicious sites and even parental control. All this is part of Windows and if the modules are not necessarily the most advanced, they have the advantage of being present by default.

The Windows Security interface is almost an extension of the Security and Updates part of the Windows 10 settings. It is a rather peculiar interface that is difficult to compare fairly with that of other security software since it benefits from an obviously perfect degree of integration with the system. In any case, Microsoft has taken good care of its copy with tidy features, and all well explained.

Download Microsoft Windows Defender 2022 Click here

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