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Best Survival Games For Android and iPhone

The most difficult game genre is undoubtedly the survival game, where the skills of gamers are put to the test with increasingly difficult challenges or enemies and where the survival factor is much more felt than other genres. In these best survival games it only takes a moment to die (virtually) and have to repeat the level all over again, so every move must be planned very carefully.

If you like challenges, in the following guide you will find the best survival games for Android and iPhone , so you can “kill” time on the subway or during a long journey by making choices that can make the difference between the life and death of the protagonists. . Most of the games are free, but the best and most engaging are paid or playable for free for a month with the Google Play Pass service.

ARK: Survival Evolved

One of the best survival games that we can try on our phone is ARK: Survival Evolved , available for Android and for iPhone .

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival and adventure game in which dinosaurs are used as cavalry or as a weapon of destruction. Once we have started we will have to establish a base from which to start, increase our space, tame the dinosaurs and repel the bad guys who want to invade our territory. The further you go, the more powerful enemies you encounter, including other people (given the good online component).

The game is free with an optional subscription, which gives players other benefits to get on with the adventure. The game adapts well to any device but on the latest generation iPhone and Android smartphone it brings with it a graphic level comparable to that of the consoles of a few years ago.

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

If we are looking for something other than an island with dinosaurs we can try the 60 Seconds game Atomic Adventure , available for purchase on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store . If we want to play it for free we can activate it on Android with Google Play Pass .

In this game, we control a family who must save themselves from a nuclear bombing, quickly bringing the most useful things to the fallout shelter present in the foundations of the house. We have to choose precisely what to take away from the house (which changes after each reboot) and, once locked up in the bunker, we will have to be good at sipping water and food, as well as dealing with unexpected situations such as illnesses , unexpected visits and funny situations.

Since each new level is different from the previous one and there are more endings for the game (also based on the number of days of survival achieved), this game is very suitable as a quick pastime when we are waiting, since a single level can keep us busy for hours.


Among the survival games to try on your phone we could not forget Crashlands , available for a fee for Android and iPhone but playable for free with Google Play Pass for a month.

In this game you can find elements from many different genres, all well mixed to offer arguably the best adventure available on a phone. In Crashlands we find elements of role-playing games, survival battles, action moments, adventure-based levels and even collecting the slain monsters.

The game revolves around an intergalactic truck driver who is stuck on an alien planet. Your task is to fight hostile enemies on the planet, build a base, deliver lost packages and save the entire universe from evil. This game is only available for a fee but we can always play it with Google Play Pass, paying the monthly subscription to thousands of games.

Last Day on Earth

If we are looking for a pure survival game we can try Last Day on Earth , a free download for Android and iPhone .

Last Day on Earth is set in an apocalyptic world: in 2027 the world is hit by an unknown infection that is exterminating the human race. We play one of the few survivors trying to survive in the rubble. In the game we will have to keep track of the character’s statistics (hunger and thirst), obtain precious resources to build objects, build weapons and means of transport of various kinds and upgrade our shelter, so as to be ready when the waves of zombies arrive to eat us. !

The game is sure to appeal to fans of The Walking Dead , as it fully reflects the dynamics seen in the popular TV series (zombie survival, resource research and weapon upgrades). The game is free to play but real money can be spent on upgrades and new weapons.


Still on the subject of extreme survival, we can try Cataclysm for free , available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store .

This game is offered for free and is open source, so with hundreds of contributors present to the project. In the game we start a character who has nothing and we must try to survive in a randomly generated world. We will face monsters of various kinds, we will be able to collect objects and we can also undertake a rescue mission.

The game is less immediate than the previous ones, but as soon as the initial difficulties are passed it shows all its potential as an extreme and definitive survival game, for true lovers of the genre. The retro graphics help to recreate a dark atmosphere, as well as bring to mind the survival games of old consoles and old cabinets.

Other survival games

If we really like the genre we can find other survival games in the following list. Some are free and can be tried right away on the phone, while others are provided for a fee (without subscriptions).

  • Minecraft ( Android and iPhone ): even if the creative component of this game is the master, it was born as a survival game, therefore having to organize ourselves to feed our character regularly and survive the monsters that can be encountered in the various worlds. Available for a fee.
  • Terraria ( Android and iPhone ): another game where survival is a determining factor in moving forward in the game world. One of the richest games of adventure and stories to tell, with 2D graphics from the past.
  • Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition ( Android and iPhone ): paid game where we’ll play Wilson, an intrepid scientist trapped in a mysterious wild world. We will have to be good at exploiting the surrounding environment and escaping its inhabitants to return home.
  • Escapists 2 ( Android and iPhone ): let’s try to survive in a maximum security prison, trying to devise the best method to escape from prison without being killed or captured.
  • Out There ( Android and iPhone ): survival and space exploration game, where it is necessary to explore the planets to find resources and be able to visit the next planet, in a very engaging journey.

We play all the games we’re interested in, so you can quickly become a true extreme survival expert.


Survival games are one of the most popular genres on consoles and on PCs and even on mobile they are very popular, with video games adaptations of the titles already present on other platforms or original games for smartphones and tablets. If we are true fans we will have to buy the most beautiful titles or take advantage of the Google Play Pass to play it with a simple monthly subscription (which unlocks many paid games and apps).

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