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Bill Gate Decided To Invest In Nuclear Energy

Bill Gates – an American businessman and former leader of Microsoft – is investing in nuclear energy . TerraPower , the nuclear reactor design company founded by Gates, has chosen the site of its first reactor. This is Kemmerer, a small town in the state of Wyoming.

Bill Gates: Why Nuclear Power?

Speaking of Bill Gates, one immediately thinks of Microsoft Corporation and the personal computer revolution. However, the US businessman has also decided to invest in nuclear energy. The reason was revealed in a speech presented at the 2010 TED conference.


Gates offered viewers his vision for the energetic future of the world, highlighting that, to avoid a catastrophe, humans need ” energy miracles “. The goal, according to Gates, is to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 . According to the entrepreneur, to avoid having to use fossil fuels as energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate change, it is necessary to use nuclear energy.

While waiting for the technological innovations to make nuclear fusion reactors (which could theoretically solve the problems related to energy production), the founder of TerraPower is sponsoring a new nuclear reactor . Bill Gates, in his book “Climate how to avoid a disaster. Today’s solutions. Tomorrow’s challenges” (2021, published by La nave di Theseo) also talks about nuclear power:

No other source of clean energy comes close to what nuclear power already offers today. (…) Nuclear power (…) kills far fewer people than any fossil fuel.

Natrium: how does it work?

The reactor developed by TerraPower and GE-Hitachi is based on an innovative technique called Natrium . The latter uses a sodium reactor for heat production, which allows electricity to be generated. These new plants use liquid sodium metal as a refrigerant. The boiling point of this metal is much higher than that of water: this means that it can absorb significantly more heat before boiling, drastically reducing the risk of explosions.

Furthermore, the heat generated by the molten salt can be accumulated and used to produce more energy in those moments when it is needed. One feature that makes Natrium systems very attractive is the fact that the cooling systems do not require external electrical generators. This should make the reactors safer .

The company’s first reactor

TerraPower recently announced that the first demonstration reactor will be installed in Wyoming (of course, after obtaining the necessary permits). The first power plant using the innovative technique should be ready by 2028 (construction times will therefore be very short). The plant – which will cost about $ 4 billion – will provide 345 megawatts of power (500 megawatts with storage systems). The United States Department of Energy – with the Advanced reactor demonstration program – will contribute to the construction, granting half of the necessary funds. A single plant is projected to cost just $ 1 billion thereafter.

The place

The identified place is the small town of Kemmerer , in Wyoming (in the United States of America). The nuclear reactor will take the place of the Naughton coal-fired power plant, which will be officially closed in 2025. Several factors were taken into consideration in the choice of location, including the low seismicity of the area.

Kemmerer – with a continental climate (long cold winters; short hot summers; low rainfall) – is a town with about 2,600 inhabitants. The TerraPower plant, when built, will offer 250 jobs.

Who is Bill Gates?


Bill Gates (who in July 2021 took fourth place in the ranking of the “richest people in the world”) is a well-known American entrepreneur and computer scientist. Together with Paul Allen, he started Microsoft in 1975, revolutionizing personal computers forever. Gates was the company’s largest individual shareholder until 2014. In 2000, the businessman and ex-wife Melinda established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , with which substantial sums of money were donated to various charitable organizations and programs. scientific research.

After leaving Microsoft, Bill Gates continued to support several philanthropic enterprises . With The Giving Pledge, the American computer scientist – along with other billionaires (including Warren Buffett) – is committed to donating a large portion of his assets to improve global health and, consequently, save lives. Gates is the founder and president of several companies, including BEN, Cascade Investment, bgC3 and TerraPower.


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