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BlackBerry 5G 2021 Is Expected To Come In Few Months

When OnwardMobility licensed the BlackBerry brand, it announced in mid-2020 that it would launch a new BlackBerry 5G phone in the North American and European markets in the first half of 2021. It could also be sent to Asian markets, but possibly at a later date.

More recently, Peter Mobilk, CEO of OnwardMobility, said in a February interview with Nicki Asia that “more details will be announced in the next few months.” This could mean the discovery of a product by May 2021. However, based on the current timeline, no product may be on the release card until June.

Also, in its press release, the company said the phone would be “manufactured under strict guidelines to ensure the integrity of components, equipment and the supply chain.” This will help in maintaining ‘government level security’ for ‘business professionals’.

Because it uses a different manufacturing process than most phones, developing a new BlackBerry 5G can be expensive. We’ve also heard that it may have a high-end camera that can compete with other flagship phones. Put together, we can see the price of the BlackBerry higher than previous models.

BlackBerry 5G 2021 Specifications

The new BlackBerry 5G 2021 phone is still flying mostly under the radar. We tend to see leaked renders or listen to more rumors with big phones, but so far we only know what the company has told us.

We know it will have 5G support and will be far from Android OS, although we don’t know if it will be released on Android 11 or earlier. We also know directly from Onward Mobility that the phone will target consumers as well as enterprise markets.

Peter Franklin, CEO of Howard Mobility, told us. “What’s missing, however, is a highly secure and productive smartphone that can meet the needs of enterprise users, government users and security-conscious users – and that’s the gap we’re hoping for.”

At least according to Onward Mobility, the phone will have a ‘top of the line camera’. We have to wait and see if tech marketing works.

The BlackBerry will have a QWERTY slider keyboard with a physical shape. The keyboard will be fixed in a certain way

The BlackBerry K2, despite some mistakes, ran regularly in our tests for 25 to 35 hours. To achieve today’s performance, the BlackBerry 5G will likely need to mimic the Motor G9 Power, which has a 6,000 mAh battery and a two-day battery at a budget price. life is.

Before the BlackBerry brand came to a standstill, the latest phones had programmable shortcuts where you could open the app with one or two quick strokes. We really want to see this return, paired with Google Assistant on Android 11.


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