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BlackBerry Is Gearing Up To Beat Its Rivals Once Again

There was a time when the BlackBerry phone was considered a symbol of the richness, thanks to its security features and smart application, this phone was the top priority of celebrities and political figures.

The most popular and safest phone of its time, the BlackBerry, became a thing of the past due to its incompatibility with the latest innovations. Considered to be the safest, the BlackBerry is ready to hit the market once again with 5G technology and its unique physical keyboard and Android operating system.

The BlackBerry 5G will go on sale in partnership with a new mobile company, On Word Mobility, Xiaomi, Nokia, gaming consoles and new BlackBerry model maker Foxconn.
Features of BlackBerry 5G

The 5G phone with physical keyboard will go on sale in the middle of this year. The final price has not been announced yet, but depending on the feature, it could cost 800 800 or more. Initially, the phone will be launched in the North American and European markets.

Peter Franklin, chief executive officer of Onward Mobility, said in a recent interview that the BlackBerry 5G will be this year’s ‘global flagship device’.

He says that this mobile phone with physical keyboard will be redesigned keeping in mind the needs of the users, with powerful battery, more RAM and storage, this phone will be introduced in Android 11 version.


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