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BS AD programs Delay News Is Misleading: HEC

In the wake of the Higher Education Commission HEC Vice-Chancellors’ Committee meeting on July 2, the circulating news regarding the delay in the launch of four-year undergraduate BS and two-year associate degree (AD) programs was deemed misleading and inaccurate.

The spokesperson of the Federal Higher Education Commission said that both the programs are intact and their implementation will continue as before.

The notification issued by HEC on 11 July 2019 regarding the transfer of BE / B.Sc programs to associate degree programs and the gradual abolition of MA / M.Sc programs will continue to be implemented.

A meeting of all Vice Chancellors from across the country was held on July 2 under the joint chairmanship of HEC Executive Director Dr. Shaista Sohail and Vice Chancellors Committee Chairman and Vice Chancellor of Quaid-e-Azam University Dr. Muhammad Ali.

The meeting was convened at the request of the Vice Chancellors who raised some issues related to the implementation of the Undergraduate Education Policy and the PhD Policy.

These issues have been discussed in detail and based on the views of the majority, the following recommendations have been prepared for the HEC’s Governing Body, the Commission. The proposal will be put before the commission.

The Vice-Chancellors Committee will hold a three-day meeting in the fourth week of July to discuss the issues and their practical solutions.

A summary of the recommendations made by the Vice Chancellors will be taken to the Commission which will highlight the real situation and request the Commission to approve the proposed amendments to facilitate the implementation of both the policies.

To go Universities that have agreed to or have already adopted these policies will continue to implement the policies diligently.


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