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CES 2022: TCL Introduces MiniLED TVs for Video Games

CES 2022 Las Vegas’ Annual Big Mass begins at TCL with a declaration of intent. The Chinese giant, a pioneer of MiniLED has reiterated its commitment to these LCD televisions equipped with tiny LEDs and promised a more efficient 2022 vintage, especially in video games thanks to a panel refresh rate increased to 144 Hz.

Miniaturizing the LEDs is a good thing, but it is still necessary to control them in a fine and precise way. This is why some TCL 2022 televisions will have a backlight divided into more than 1000 dimming zones, for improved contrast and above all for less blooming. This is an annoying halo of light that surrounds the bright elements displayed on a black background in LCDs (especially TVs with Full LED backlighting).

Seduce the players 

Beyond the higher refresh rate, TCL focused during its conference on different functions for video games, such as support for the cloud gaming service Google Stadia. The brand also mentioned a new video game download portal called Game Center, as well as a menu and a specific settings bar for video games like what we already find at Samsung or LG.

The other novelty that caught our attention is the arrival of a mode allowing the screen to be divided into two parts in order to be able to play a game while another member of the family watches a football match for example, a function already present in a handful of Samsung televisions.

Finally, the televisions will once again be powered by Google TV and will include a health platform and an application to control connected objects in the home. As usual, TCL will present details of its range later this year. 

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