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Connect Android Phone With Global Climate Research Project: Download App Here

With the Camaliot app you can help scientists with your Android phone, which can help in better forecasting of the weather. You can connect your android phone with Global Climate Research Project.

The European Space Agency has created the ‘Camaliot app‘ in which people from all over the world can play their part. This way, using the phone’s GPS receiver, local weather information can be stored in one place.

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We know that satellites in their orbits operate under GPS signals. Scientists now believe that these satellites can also know the details of the weather conditions. For example, if there is more or less water vapor in the atmosphere, it affects the satellite signal.

Similarly, when satellite signals pass through different atmospheric conditions, their conditions change. In this way, data from phones around the world can help us better understand the different weather and climate conditions.

Weak signals or changes to them will now allow the world’s meteorological information from satellite and phone distances and other weather conditions to be collected in e-space. On the one hand, this will improve the weather forecast, and with the help of computer algorithms, long-term weather forecasting will also be possible.

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On the other hand, by looking at the phone and satellite signals, the status of the ionosphere around the earth will also be known. Our globe is wrapped in different layers and after the atmosphere, the ionosphere starts and then the weightlessness of space can be felt.

Thus a total of tens of millions of phone data from every region of the world can present a very broad meteorological scenario. It should be noted that earlier a plan similar to the popular program for finding extraterrestrial space creatures SETI @ Home was presented. It used the superfluous processing power of computers around the world to handle large amounts of data.

We know that there are many navigation satellites operating around the world called the Constellation of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNS) cluster. These include navigation satellites from China, Europe and the United States. Weather forecasts can now be sent to these satellites from around the world via Android phones. The European Space Agency says registered users will have their data protected.

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It should be noted that participants will also be given an Amazon voucher and a phone gift upon joining, but this campaign will continue till June 30.

The app on Google Play can be downloaded from here.


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