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China Became Second Country After US To Land On Mars

After United States US, the China became second country to land on Mars successfully. China’s robot named Dororung successfully landed on the surface of Mars, landing on Utopia Planetia, a vast plain in the northern hemisphere of Mars. So far, only the United States has had a successful landing on Mars. Landers from all other countries who made this effort either crashed or were disconnected immediately after landing.

Chinese state media quoted the National Space Administration NSA as saying on Saturday that the spacecraft had successfully landed on the surface of Mars, carrying a safety capsule, a parachute and a rocket platform for a safe landing. Used, it took 17 minutes to spread its solar panels and send signals back to Earth.

Dorong means god of fire. Chinese engineers also had to deal with delays in receiving signals. Mars is currently 320 million kilometers away from us, which means that the radio signal sent from there takes about 18 minutes to reach Earth. Scientists expect that they can use this rover for 90 Mars days, during which time. It will assess the ground situation there. A day on Mars lasts 24 hours and 39 minutes. The rover has a laser that can detect the chemical composition of the rocks there, while it has a radar to detect surface water.

Utopia Planetia is the region where NASA launched its Viking II mission in 1976. It is a vast area of ​​3,000 km and there is some evidence that it was once the sea. Satellite imagery Indicates that there is a large amount of ice in its depths.

Thomas Zarbuchin, Head of Science at the US space agency NASA, congratulated China and said that he, along with the international scientific community, was hopeful that the mission would increase human knowledge of the Red Planet. This achievement bodes well for future cooperation between Russia and China in the space sector.

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