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Configuration Errors Caused Suspension of Biggest Social Media Network

The world’s largest social networking site has suspended all of its services around the world for six hours between October 4 and 5, citing “configuration errors”.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services in Pakistan began to be affected at 8:44 pm on October 4, which remained closed until late at night.

Similarly, in most countries of the world, the service of Facebook and its sub-social and messaging app remained closed at the same time and after 6 hours, late at night, their services started to be restored all over the world.

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The impact on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has cut off 3.5 billion people worldwide from social and Internet connectivity, and affected thousands of businesses.

Following the service shutdown, Facebook has now issued an explanatory statement claiming that its service was shut down due to “configuration errors” in its data center system.

A team of engineers working on an emergency basis found out why the services were shut down and found that some equipment between the company’s traffic network and data center had malfunctioned, according to a Facebook blog post. Their service was stopped.

The blog apologized to the users for the service being affected and also claimed that the service, which was closed for 6 hours, did not receive any reports of users’ data being leaked or their accounts being hacked.

What are ‘configuration errors’?

Configuration is actually a system, such as all the components of a computer system, hardware, software, keyboards and mouse configuration, and if any of these devices go bad, the computer service will be affected.

Similarly, many devices work to connect Facebook’s traffic net and data center, and on the night of October 4, a malfunction in these devices affected the service of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook has not clarified which devices in their system were damaged.

Shares of Facebook and its subsidiary apps also declined as people began using alternative apps.

Instead of Facebook, people started using Twitter, Instagram instead of SnapChat and WhatsApp instead of messaging apps like Signal.


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