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Corona Virus Attack Also Weakens Brain: Experts

After researching more than 80,000 people, British experts have discovered that the corona virus (SARS Cove 2), which causes Covid-19, also weakens the brains of infected people.

The study, published in the latest issue of the online research journal “E-Clinical Medicine”, collected health information from January to December 2020 on the health of 81,337 British citizens whose intelligence was tested by the “Great British Intelligence Test” and The test was conducted through questionnaires.

Careful analysis revealed that those who were not infected with the corona virus did not differ significantly from previous and current measurements of intelligence, while those infected with the corona showed a marked decrease in cognitive abilities.

It was also found that the intelligence of those most severely affected by the corona virus was also affected.

Even more surprising was the discovery that people who were not infected with the corona virus, or who did not show any symptoms despite being infected with the corona virus, had a difference in intelligence. That is, their acquired abilities were less than before.

In the light of this study, it has been proved once again that although the epidemic of Covid 19 directly attacks the lungs and respiratory system, it seems that almost all the organs and systems of the body cannot remain unaffected.


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