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Corona Virus Spike Proteins Can Alter Heart Cells: Research

Spike proteins from the corona virus can interfere with the function of certain heart cells by altering them.

The claim was made in a medical study in the UK.

Research from the University of Bristol has shown that spike proteins can affect normal function due to changes in the cells of the arteries around the heart.

The results of this preprint study have not yet been published in a medical journal but were presented to the European Society of Cardiology.

When the small arteries of the heart, as well as cells in other parts of the human body, become attached to the corona spike proteins, chemicals are released that cause inflammation in the organs.

For the study, researchers obtained cells from the small arteries of the heart and infected them with spike proteins.

This protein is used by the corona virus to attach itself to cells, and once the virus does so, it integrates into the cell membrane and releases its genetic material.

In this way he gains control over the cellular machinery and begins to make his own copies, then he goes out and spreads to other cells.

Research has shown that if the spike protein alone has the potential to affect the behavior of cells, it is a cause for concern.

Research has shown that even if cells are not infected with the virus, they are more difficult to treat when exposed to spike proteins.

The study also found that blocking a receptor called CD147 in these cells could reduce the inflammatory effect of spike protein.

The chemical pericytes that cause inflammation are present throughout the body, including the brain and the central nervous system.

The researchers said that if this mechanism could be stopped, the risk of cod complications in patients could be reduced and further research could be done to find ways to prevent spike protein.

He said the mechanism spreads cellular and organ complications beyond the affected areas and could potentially exacerbate the disease in people with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

He said blocking the CD147 receptor could help prevent the destructive effects of code.

It should be noted that the immediate and long-term effects of corona virus on various organs have not yet been fully understood and are being worked on continuously.

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