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COVID An Audio Visual Connectors Company In USA

It’s been a year since we’ve heard or read the word “COVID 19”, but the name of a company that makes audio-visual connectors and cables in the US state of Arizona is “COVID” which has been in operation for the last forty years.

Forty years ago, when the company was being formed, its creators wanted to rename it “Video Company” to “VIDCO,” said Norm Carson, head of the company. C companies were using this name.

This problem was solved when a driver of the parcel company suggested that they should name the new company “COVID” which will be different from other names. The proposal was approved and the company was renamed “Wood Inc.”

Referring to the company’s name, Carson said that in February 2020, he and his colleagues were attending a worldwide exhibition of audio-visual equipment in Amsterdam when the epidemic was announced as “Woodwood 19”. As done

The epidemic was just beginning and the situation was not serious, so the company employees were so happy with the news that they stood in front of the board on the “Wood” stall and took hundreds of pictures to make it memorable.

“We are fortunate that our company sells its products through distributors and dealers, otherwise our business may suffer irreparable damage,” Carson said.

According to Bloomberg, COVID Inc. is a manufacturer of products such as extenders, splitters, wall plates, rack panels, tools, audio-visual cable assemblies, switchers, connectors, adapters, fiber cables and power cords headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.

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