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CPU Requirements For Microsoft Windows 11 Revealed

When Microsoft first announced Windows 11, they revealed at least some of the hardware CPU requirements you’ll need to upgrade. One of these requirements is the CPU that has been introduced since 2017, so for older computer owners it seems like you’re out of luck.

However, Microsoft has said it is considering reducing CPU requirements, and the good news is that it has. According to Microsoft, “We have concluded that the synchronized 64-bit processor, 4 GB of memory, 64 GB of storage, UEFI secure boot, graphics requirements and a minimum system of TPM 2.0 Needs are based on the best principles we have. ”

He added, “We have identified a set of PC models that meet the principles of working on Intel 7th General processors, which we did not actually include in our minimum system requirements.”¬† It will now include the Intel Core X series, the ZionW series, and the Core 7820HQ, while the latter will only send selected devices with advanced drivers based on the “Advertising, Components, and Hardware Support App (DCH) design principles.” ”

This means that while the requirements remain largely the same, users who do not have a compatible CPU can try their luck, but there is no guarantee that it will work. In the meantime, if you want to know if your computer is able to support Windows 11, check out our guide to see if your computer has Windows 11 ready.


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